Zhongpin: Production started in new pork plant

04-01-2010 | |

Chinese meat and food processor Zhongpin started production in its new prepared pork products plant in Changge, in Henan province.

Production started on December 26, 2009. The Changge plant will have an annual capacity of 36,000 metric tonnes for prepared pork products. With this addition, Zhongpin will have 90,000 metric tonnes of annual capacity in its three Changge plants for prepared pork products.

Convenient pork products
Xianfu Zhu, chairman and CEO of Zhongpin, said, “Our new plant opened right on schedule and has started its initial production of convenient pork products that are ready-to-eat or easy-to-cook, including sausages, meatballs, and Chinese-style meats. These products are especially flavorful, wholesome, and designed for everyone’s daily busy schedules. The new plant uses all our modern systems to guarantee the highest quality and safety of our products.”

The new Changge plant will supply to most of Zhongpin’s current retail locations, restaurant chains, hotels, and other institutional customers in several regional markets in China.

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