Wrapping up September: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up September: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up September: What s new in the world of pigs?

September 2018 was the month of the animal nutrition companies – virtually everywhere events are going on, new plants are being constructed and joint-ventures are being made. Looking for EuroTier innovations? Those will be published in a separate overview soon.

Danish Agromek show heading for full house

We start off with news on events: The MCH Exhibition Centre in Herning, Denmark, expects a full house, 27-30 November, with the next edition of the international trade show Agromek. Many stand areas in the exhibition halls have already been booked. In September, the surface of the 2016 show had already been equalled, with more than 470 exhibitors had confirmed their presence, at a surface of 41,000 m2.

VIV Asia 2019 aims for future of Food Engineering

The biannual VIV Asia show, to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, 13-15 March 2019, will have a strong focus on the theme of Food Engineering. The exhibition space reserved for this theme shall be doubled compared to 2017. The show will also have an emphasis on the development of the pork sector in Asia. Prior to the show will be the 6th Global Feed & Food Congress, from 11-13 March.

AveSui 2018 numbers exceeded expectations

The annual Brazilian trade show AveSui 2018 attracted over 13,000 professionals and 150 exhibitors to Medianeira, Paraná, Brazil, between 1-3 August. The show was held in conjunction with the III Livestock Precision Farming Congress and the XVIII International Technical-Scientific Seminar on Poultry and Swine, attended by more than 500 professionals. About 35% of all visitors indicated to be interested in swine production.

Danish DLG Group emphasises Vilofoss

Danish agribusiness DLG Group has been uniting all its subsidiaries in the premix and nutrition division under one new brand name: Vilofoss. Previously, the company’s products were known under different names in various countries, e.g. Vitfoss (Denmark), Calcialiment (France), Deutsche Vilomix (Germany) and Fodermix (Sweden). The name change is effective since the 1st September 2018 in all markets.

Cargill, Agriness announce strategic partnership

Cargill and Agriness, focused on Latin American swine technology, announced a strategic partnership that will foster industry-wide transformation and bring emerging digital technologies to customers around the world. Agriness currently manages more than 2 million sows through its S2 farm management software.

Calsporin receives European approval

Calsporin, a probiotic aimed at stabilising gut flora, has been approved by the European Commission for use in feed for finishing pigs. The product now covers the entire pig production chain, as it could already be used in sows, suckling pigs and growers. The approach contains a high concentration of viable spores of Bacillus subtilis C-3102. The probiotic is made in Japan by Asahi Calpis Wellness and marketed in Europe by Orffa.

Biomin starts construction of new production site

Biomin celebrated a groundbreaking ceremony for the company’s new production site in Haag am Hausruck, Upper Austria. The new production site will produce antibiotic-free mineral feed and premixes, which help to increase the performance of swine. The construction phase will take 12 months; production at the site will be operational from December 2019.

Photo: Biomin

Photo: Biomin

Trouw Nutrition broadens LifeStart concept

Trouw Nutrition has broadened its LifeStart concept to address how conditions occurring in the prenatal phase can impact an animal’s lifelong performance. The company is currently conducting research to better understand Sow Peripartal Syndrome. The findings will inspire new offerings on maximising piglet lifetime performance.

Zinc oxide alternative looks promising for piglets

Feed additives manufacturer Arm & Hammer reported that a new trial, completed in Spain, showed how its products Celmanax affects growth and performance of nursery piglets, when compared to using zinc oxide. The additive was supplemented in sow lactation diets to improve the health status of piglets pre-weaning. The trial concluded that the product can help reduce mortality and result in heavier pigs through the end of the nursery phase.

Evonik: New SID database with weaner pigs

Evonik launched an update of its standardised ileal digestibility (SID) database for swine feeds. For the 1st time, it provides SID values of all amino acids for weaners and growers, which means that feeds formulated for weaners will no longer need to be based on data from growers. The company’s compendium provides AA SID coefficients for many ingredients.

The company also announced the opening of a modern feed mill in a scientific collaboration with Nong Lam University, Vietnam. The feed mill will produce pelleted trial feeds. The facility promises to enhance research into animal nutrition and sustainable feed production, and to support student training.

Photo: Evonik

Photo: Evonik

BASF expands vitamin A plant

BASF has started the expansion of its vitamin A plant at the company’s site in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The new production building expands the existing vitamin A plant. BASF will now increase its annual capacity of pure vitamin A by 1,500 metric tonnes. Vitamin A, which is used by the human and animal nutrition industries as well as the personal care sector.

Nutriad gets ISO certification in China

Feed Flavor International (FFI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of multinational feed additives producer Nutriad, has recently obtaining the ISO9001 and ISO22000 certifications for its Nantong facility. The factory now operates with the highest possible quality standards and systems that ensure full traceability and product integrity.

Photo: Nutriad

Photo: Nutriad

Nutriad also recently opened its renovated offices in Chester, UK, home of the group’s palatability centre of excellence. The office provides an open and light workspace.

Tonisity: Seminars in Malaysia and Mexico

In the last week of August, pig nutrition company Tonisity held educational seminars to launch Tonisity Px in both the Malaysian and Mexican market. In Malaysia, the company demonstrated the product at 3 locations with the help of the Malaysian distributor Yenher Agro-Products. In Mexico, the company introduced the product in 4 cities together with Mexican distributor Vimifos.

Jefo receives 150 international guests

Late August, Canadian animal nutrition company Jefo welcomed 150 guests from 22 countries for the 2018 Poultry & Swine Tour, a week-long event focused on animal nutrition. Invited for the tour were clients, distributors, university professors, industry influencers and scientific researchers. They attended conferences, had a taste of the Jefo Campus, could discover the Jefo facilities and visited the city Montreal.

Photo: Jefo

Photo: Jefo

World Premix launches new website

World Premix launched a new website. The company is a knowledge partner for the supply of premixes, concentrates and special pig feeds; the company also provides coaching. Its customers include swine farmers, integrations, feed manufacturers, and distributors established across the globe. The website is available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Dutch.

New feed science platforms launched

Canadian Bio-Systems (CBS) has launched the main phase roll-out of its new Feed Science Platforms, offering a comprehensive portfolio of advanced bio-based feed technology solutions to benefit swine, poultry, aquaculture and ruminant production. The platforms include 5 areas of feed technology innovation. The platforms are backed by technical support to help livestock operations determine what is their FSP fingerprint.

Nuscience launches ‘Aim For Zero’ programme

Due to environmental and regulatory issues the use of zinc and antibiotics around weaning is globally under pressure. With the ‘Aim For Zero’ programme, Nuscience, part of the Royal Agrifirm Group, offers a total approach for pig farmers and feed mills to help them in the struggle towards zero antibiotics and zinc. The solution combines nutritional and managerial advice with the product Vitazero. Find out more at this Pig Progress webinar.

Magapor wins golden star award

Also from the pig breeding side, there were various updates. The Spanish Institute for Professional Excellence awarded its golden star award to Spanish artificial insemination expert Magapor. Reasons for the award included e.g. the company’s ability to innovate, the company’s policy towards total quality and respect for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Photo: Magapor

Photo: Magapor

Minitube acquires Mofa Global assets

Reproductive technology company Minitube and Cooperative Resources International (CRI) have agreed on the acquisition of the primary assets of Mofa Global in the USA, Mexico and Canada. Minitube USA, originally established in Delavan, WI, USA, in 2015, will relocate and operate out of the premises located in Verona, WI. In Mexico, subsidiary Mexitube Alemania will take over the Mofa business; in Canada this will happen by Minitube Canada.

Danish Genetics approved as herd book keeper

The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food has allowed the new breeding company Danish Genetics to maintain herd/breeding records. With the approval come commercial opportunities, as the company is now an official breeding association, following EU regulations. Thus, Danish Genetics can issue official pedigrees on breeding animals.

The company is also making a substantial investment in over 230 new Schauer Advanced Computerised Feeding stations, allowing the testing of twice as many boars. The company is focusing on ‘feed conversion efficiency’.

Photo: Danish Genetics

Photo: Danish Genetics

Genesus ships purebred swine to China

Pig breeder Genesus has shipped purebred swine breeding stock to China. The animals were transported to the Ao Nong Group, and were offloaded from the plane at Huanghua airport. Currently, the company has 20,000 sows in production at 14 pig farms in 8 provinces throughout China. Ao Nong has entered a genetic service agreement with Genesus.

Photo: Genesus

Photo: Genesus

Fan shows good results in test

Some news from other sectors of the swine business: Dacs energy efficient ventilation systems have been scoring well in trials, without compromising the in-house climate or the production results. That was the outcome of a new test report from the Bioenvironmental and Structural Systems (BESS) Lab, part of the University of Illinois, USA. The test included the company’s MagFan One, the company’s ‘conventional’ on/off wall fan.

Ro-Main and PigChamp Pro Europa team up

The Canadian company Ro-main and PigChamp Pro Europa will jointly promote business development around the system Pigwatch. This is an artifical intelligence-based system, to inseminate sows exactly at the right moment. Both companies will cooperate in the analytics and farm services related to its practical implementation, while sales in Spain, Portugal and Italy will be handled by the company Nosia.

Newport Laboratories acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim’s animal health business unit in the United States has acquired Newport Laboratories from Worthington, MN, United States. Minnesota. The laboratories will enhance the service and product offerings for BI customers. By providing diagnostics like whole genome sequencing, metagenomics, and bioinformatics, the lab crafts custom, autogenous vaccines that target the specific viruses or bacteria causing disease in livestock operations.

Smithfield relocates North Carolina distribution centre

Smithfield Foods will close its distribution centre in Clayton, NC, and relocate all operations to a distribution facility in Tar Heel, NC in October 2018. The company invested $ 100 million in the new Tar Heel facility along with creating 250 new jobs. The new distribution centre is 4.6 ha with 47,000 pallet positions.

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