Wrapping up October: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up October: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up October: What s new in the world of pigs?

With EuroTier soon starting, many companies are presenting novelties. Looking further, what other developments have been happening in the pig agribusiness in October? Boehringer Ingelheim sold and opened a laboratory, for instance. And Zinpro bought 2 new companies.

Boehringer Ingelheim: new global R&D centre

Boehringer Ingelheim has opened its new global centre for biological research and development at its Lyon Porte-des-Alpes location in Saint-Priest, France. With this € 70 million investment, the German group brings its R&D and biological production activities into the same centre of excellence. This 14,500 m2 building has 4 floors and required 3 years of planning and construction. On the site future expansions are also planned.

The German company also sold a property in France. A production site in Saint-Herblon was sold to Dutch-based animal health company Dopharma. The site no longer fitted into BI’s strategic focus on preventive animal healthcare. Saint-Herblon mainly produces generics and antibiotics for livestock, under the Coophavet brand. The sale will be completed early 2019.

IDT’s flu vaccine available in the UK

IDT Biologika’s vaccine against swine influenza has been launched in the UK. Producers can obtain the vaccine through Hysolv Animal Health UK. The vaccine, Respiporc FLUpanH1N1, protects against the pandemic strain of flu pdmH1N1(2009). Two 1 ml doses of the inactivated vaccine can be injected intramuscularly 3 weeks apart to pigs from 56 days old, providing immunisation to the majority of animals within 7 days.

Magapor receives Spanish seal

Spanish AI experts of Magapor have been given the CEPYME 500 hallmark. This seal is a Spanish initiative to recognise and promote a group of 500 medium-sized companies that have been leaders in business growth in 2018. In 2017 the company’s turnover grew by 21%.

First boars CT scanned at Delta Canada

Breeding organisation Topigs Norsvin report that in September, the 1st boars were CT scanned at the Delta Canada research centre. These boars are the fastest growers from the 1st cohort of TN Tempo boars housed in this new Topigs Norsvin facility in Woodlands, MN, Canada. The CT scanning of these boars marks an important step in Topigs Norsvin’s breeding programme. From now on, globally about 8,500 boars per year can be CT scanned.

Photo: Topigs Norsvin

Photo: Topigs Norsvin

New Bon Accord nucleus facility

Hypor, part of Hendrix Genetics, has commenced reconstructing the Bon Accord nucleus facility. This 1,200 sow farrow-to-finish operation in Ituna, SK, Canada will be equipped with innovations in housing and automatic data recording equipment. The new facility is part of Hypor’s commitment to enlarging its global nucleus population. The new structure is twice the size of the barn it replaces.

Photo: Hypor

Photo: Hypor

Zinpro buys Paragon Specialty Products and CouvLotta

Zinpro announces that it is acquiring 2 companies in water-soluble-based animal nutrition and nutritional support products. The two companies are Paragon Specialty Products (PSP) in Rainsville, AL, USA and CouvLotta, Rockport, TX, USA. The expected close date for the acquisitions is November 1, 2018. Both PSP and CouvLotta will continue to be based and operated from their current locations with existing management.

Premier Nutrition invests in new site

Premier Nutrition will invest £13.1 million (€ 14.8 million) in its new production facility at Fradley Park in Staffordshire, UK. In the automated factory, the company applies the integrity and rigour of the consumer food industry. Highly sensitive near infra-red (NIR) technology is used to confirm ingredient identity. The new factory expands the company’s production capacity by over 50,000 tonnes/year.

Norel develops Glycerol52

In order to facilitate the storage and handling of glycerol, Norel has developed Glycerol52, a solid powder form of glycerol. Glycerol is a co-product from the agro industry and is obtained by splitting vegetable oil. As the demand for plant derived oil diesel is growing, the product is interesting for livestock production. In 2010 the successful application of glycerol was tested in swine.

Trouw: Mobile nutrition technology

Trouw Nutrition has launched a mobile nutrition solution, called the NutriOpt On-site Adviser. Producers in Germany and Spain will first get access the technology, as it rolls out globally. The adviser allows producers to access real-time raw materials data and nutritional expertise on-site, making it easier to hit production and profitability targets. The technology combines near infrared (NIR) technology with a nutritional database.

Photo: Trouw Nutrition

Photo: Trouw Nutrition

AB Vista: New enzyme application

AB Vista is showcasing a new enzyme application called ‘Maximum Matrix Nutrition’. This serves to deliver maximum phytate breakdown whilst reducing viscosity and increasing fibre fermentability. The net result is improved nutrient utilisation and a significant improvement in amino acids, minerals and energy, meaning diets can be formulated with higher nutrient credits, delivering considerable feed cost savings. More info in this video interview.

Vietnamese delegation visits Biomin

Erber Group, the holding company of Biomin, recently received a delegation from Vietnam at its Biomin Research Center Tulln, Austria. The delegation was led by Vietnam’s prime minister S.E. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, who came to visit the company together with several members of the Vietnamese government and high-ranking members of a trade delegation. The company has been operating in Vietnam since 1995.

Photo: Biomin

Photo: Biomin

Roxell: update of feeding systems

Roxell has presented a new range of round, ad lib feeding systems for pigs. Blu’Hox now comes in a new range (Blu’Hox W2F) that offers a solution to the increasing number of weight classes and the growing wean-to-finish market. These automated feeding systems reduce the need to adjust settings manually. In addition, the range guarantees time saving for producers. Manual feeding is redundant and the materials can be cleaned quickly.

New type of hog watering system

Specialty Manufacturing, headquartered in St Paul, MN, United States, has developed a new type of plastic nozzle that can be used with existing valves. The novel design is more consistent, has a predictable water flow – and eliminates leaks. The company developed the new system at the request of a large family-owned farm in the United States with 44 farms.

Photo: Specialty Manufacturing

Photo: Specialty Manufacturing

Road show around Danish Farm Concept

Danish Farm Concept has toured around Asia with a road show. The seminars, held in South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines, focused on describing how to ensure success in the modern pig production within an established productivity-costs balance. The topic spectrum was very wide, from technical solutions on pen/crate design to climate solutions in the challenging Korean climate with hot summers and cold winters.

Photo: Danish Farm Concept

Photo: Danish Farm Concept

SwineTech raises a new round for planned expansion

In a recent SEC filing, SwineTech disclosed the raising of a $ 1.5 million debt round to begin its expansion into other states and countries. The company, based in Cedar Rapids, IA, USA, is the provider of technologies that facilitate piglet safety during pork production. Using technologies including acoustics and artificial intelligence algorithms, the SwineTech Smart Guard system helps alert sows to the potential crushing of a piglet during feeding.

CPF focusing on reducing greenhouse gases

Thai agribusiness Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) has identified 5 key projects targeting on energy saving by 43.45 million MJ and equivalent to more than 76,000 tonnes CO2 greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction in 2019. The projects should improve energy consumption efficiently in the cooling system and air conditioning systems, in e.g. broiler chickens, processed food, layer hen and the pig business.

Omega-3 Pork from Finland to China

Omega-3 Pork from Finnish family-owned farms will soon be available for Chinese consumers in packages portraying the Nordic Arctic and the magical northern lights. The initiative comes from Nordic processor HKScan, which started exporting pork from Forssa, Finland to China in April 2018. HKScan’s aim is to ship roughly 3 million kg of pork to China during the 1st year and to triple that volume by 2020.

Photo: HK Scan

Photo: HK Scan

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