Wrapping up November: What is new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up November: What is new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up November: What is new in the world of pigs?

November 2018 was a very busy month, with reports on many different novelties and on deals that were closed at EuroTier, in Hanover, Germany. Pig Progress reported on some at an earlier stage, but what else happened? Plus some other news – announcement about VIV Qingdao 2019.

EuroTier draws 155,000 visitors

Firstly – How many visitors were at EuroTier this time? The 2018 edition, held 13-16 November, attracted 155,000 visitors, of which 46,500 came from abroad. The total number was less than the 2016 edition, which attracted 163,000 visitors – but that edition included a World Poultry show as well. The number of visitors from abroad was higher than in 2016 (36,000 foreigners). Total exhibitor numbers was 2,597 – a slight drop in comparison to 2016 (2,629).

Danish-Korean cooperation at EuroTier

At EuroTier, Breeders of Denmark and South Korea’s veterinary consultancy company Hanbyol Farmtech signed the documents for an official partnership. The Korean company was founded in 2007 and controls about 5-6% of the total sow population in South Korea, which is about 55,000 sows.

Ro-Main combines intelligence with pig production

At EuroTier, Canadian pig equipment company Ro-Main launched its Smart Suite: a range of products based on a network of cameras and algorithms to help producers meet the requirements of the future. By means of a camera network for pig farms, algorithms analyse the video streams and translate them into behavioural metrics. The smart suite consists of 3 modules for pigs and 2 for sows.

Novus presents research at EuroTier

In a swine symposium at EuroTier, feed additives producer Novus revealed the conclusions of a 2-year field trial conducted in 82 Spanish commercial farms that compared 3 different sources of trace minerals. The results showed that sows fed with the Mintrex ‘Reduce and Replace strategy’ had reduced mortality rates, lower culling rates and improved litter performance than sows fed with other trace minerals, both organic and inorganics.

Tonisity launches 2nd product at EuroTier

Animal nutrition company Tonisity launched a new product at EuroTier: Tonisity PxW WeanBetter. The product is a new follow-on complementary feed for weaning pigs that start on the company’s 1st product Tonisity Px in the farrowing stage. This product has a combination of amino acids and electrolytes that deliver hydration and intestinal support.

New digital camera solution

Also at EuroTier, Swedish Smart Agritech Solution launched a patented digital camera solution, developed in cooperation with IBM. The product Pig Scale is a digital camera solution, to be attached at the ceiling of pig pens, weighs pigs automatically for a consistent and more accurate finishing weight. Its algorithms and self-learning systems through IBM’s Dr Watson, make the system fast, robust and cost effective.

German pig farmers join Vion’s Good Farming Balance

German pig farmers react positively to Vion’s new demand-driven supply chain concept Good Farming Balance. The first North-German farmers signed their supply contracts with Vion at EuroTier 2018. With the supply chain concept, Vion shows how farmers and producers of pork can optimise the added value.

New edition of reference book about methionine

At EuroTier, Adisseo presented an update of Methiopedia, the reference guide on methionine forms, used in animal feeds. The book offers a complete description of the 3 forms of methionine: L-Methionine, DL-methionine and OH-Methionine with their characteristics and properties. It also compiles trial results on nutritional and technological aspects. Compared to the 1st edition, the book has been enriched with another 5 years of research.

Nedap, Yingzi en Yangxiang sign cooperation

At EuroTier, Nedap Livestock Management, Yingzi Technologies and Chinese swine producer Yangxiang signed a cooperation to create services and applications using their own expertise. Nedap is a creator of automation solutions for individual pig management. Yingzi is in the process of developing an ecosystem platform supporting the entire swine business. Yangxiang is a well-known swine producer, famous for its 9-storey complexes.

Photo: Nedap

Photo: Nedap

VIV to be held in China every year

Now it is time for some other show news: VIV will be held in China on a yearly basis from 2019 onwards. The new annual series will open with VIV Qingdao, to be held in Shandong province, in 2019. VIV Qingdao 2019 will be held 19-21 September at the Qingdao World Expo City, for an exhibition area of 50,000 m2. The 2019 show will present 600 exhibitors and it is expected to attract more than 30,000 visits, including over 200 industry leaders.

Vietstock 2018: more attendees, more stands

Vietnam’s largest livestock show Vietstock 2018 Expo and Forum, held 17-19 Oct, has returned a series of positive results. The show organisers reported a 50% increase in international visitors from 46 different countries. 90% Rebooked their stands for 2020.

Pig & Poultry Fair wins national award

Grandstand Stoneleigh Events (organiser of the UK Pig & Poultry Fair) has been awarded the organising team of the year in the UK. The team won the award for organising the 2018 British Pig & Poultry Fair. The judges praised the collaborative approach of the team. The show in May attracted 370 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors.

Photo: Pig & Poultry Fair

Photo: Pig & Poultry Fair

Biomin welcomed 800 delegates in Cape Town

Biomin welcomed 800 delegates from 76 countries in Cape Town, South Africa from 3-5 October 2018. The theme of the scientific conference was Scientific Challenges and Opportunities in the Protein Economy. Over 40 expert speakers from industry and academia from across the globe mounted the stage; at the forum, the BRAIN award was given to Prof Dr Konrad Domig of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU).

Photo: Biomin

Photo: Biomin

Thanks to a recent EU regulation, mid-October, the development of Biomin’s bio-transforming enzyme Fumzyme (aimed at fumonisins) can be taken one step further. Authorisation was necessary as Biomin has started working with a new strain of Komagatella yeast to produce the enzyme more efficiently.

The company also launched Spectrum Top 50, a new mycotoxin detection service for its customers globally. It allows for the identification of more than 50 different mycotoxins and metabolites in finished feed and raw materials.

DanBred introduces ‘Maternal early gain’

Now some news from our breeders: DanBred introduced the trait ‘Maternal early gain’ in its breeding line. The breeding goals of the company’s Landrace and Yorkshire lines now include a maternal trait with impact on the growth of piglets. SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre calculated the expected genetic gain for the 3 DanBred breeds.

The company also documented a genetic improvement that shows an enhancement of € 2.17 on average per slaughter pig per year during 2017. According to DanBred, that was the largest genetic gain ever realised.

Boar taint reduced by more than 50%

Over the past 10 years, Topigs Norsvin has genetically reduced boar taint in its lines by more than 50%. These days, depending on the circumstances, only 2-3% of finishers score above threshold values on human nose scores. That figure is 50% lower than it was 10 years ago. Offspring from boars of the Nador boar programme have even lower boar taint scores still.

PIC introduces Duroc terminal sire

Breeding company PIC has introduced the PIC800, a Duroc terminal sire. The sire is bred to maximise profit for pork producers who value Duroc traits such as robustness, growth, and pork quality. The new sire is the result of a 6-fold increase in the nucleus population size since 2013, aimed at improved selection intensity and availability.

Photo: PIC

Photo: PIC

Agromed held Fibre Board Symposium

Feed additive company Agromed hosted the 3rd Fibre Board Symposium at the Hotel Regina in Vienna in June this year. The expert panel included more than 20 international participants from science and the industry, focused on the field of pig feeding. This included Prof John Pluske, Murdoch University, Australia; Prof Georg Dusel, Bingen Technical University, Germany; and Pierre Lebreton, Nubiote Consulting, France.

Nutreco inaugurates new feed factory

In the world of animal nutrition, in late October, Nutreco opened a feed factory for weaner pigs in Lérida, in the north of Spain. At the opening the Dutch ambassador to Spain Matthijs van Bonzel and Harm de Willdt, CEO of Trouw Nutrition were present. Jordi Usall will be commercial director of the feed plant.

Photo: Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality

Photo: Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality

Canadian Bio-Systems launches new platform

Canadian Bio-Systems has launched its new Feed Science Platforms (FSPs), offering a portfolio of advanced bio-based feed technology solutions to e.g. swine production. The FSPs include 5 areas of feed technology innovation: functional fatty acids, multi-carbohydrase technology, grain management technology, phytogenics and probiotics and enhanced yeast technology.

Canadian feed mill launches new enzyme

New Rosedale Feedmills, headquartered in Manitoba, MB, Canada, has launched its 1st feed additive, a multi-activity enzyme supplement called ‘Rozyme Plus’. It features various enzyme activities to achieve feed breakdown, and is suited for use with common feedstuffs and diets fed in western Canada and the northwestern US. The additive includes phytase.

DSM releases new benzoic acid research

DSM has released new research to its pure form of benzoic acid, VevoVitall. Over the past 5 years, DSM conducted 10 trials involving over 4,000 pigs, under a range of settings, to evaluate the performance impact of its product on weaner pigs, compared to rations that do not include an acidifier. On weighted average, VevoVitall delivered a 6% improvement in ADG; a 2.9% improvement in ADFI and a 2.4% FCR improvement.

Kemin develops 3D approach to ASF

Kemin recently held 2 seminars about a ‘3D Approach to ASF’ in Bangkok, Thailand, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The goal of these events was to provide farmers with applicable information and tools to lessen the risk of ASF. The ‘3D Approach’ comes from the 3 core aspects that farmers need to defend against ASF – the gut, feed and the environment.

Photo: Kemin

Photo: Kemin

Denkavit expands storage capacity

In November, 15 large new silos were placed at animal nutrition company Denkavit in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands. This has increased the storage capacity of feed for young animals by 580 tonnes, equalling an almost 50% expansion increase. Taking silos into use will take place in February or March 2019.

Agro Korn changes name to be Agilia

Animal nutrition company Agro Korn has changed its name into Agilia. The name change signals the transition from being a largely Danish-based feed business to being a global player, with a vast network of sister companies, and a well-renowned parent. The company recently was added to the AB Agri group of businesses.

Perstorp to invest € 14 million in Feed & Food

Perstorp firmly invests in the Feed & Food business area. About € 14 million will be used to grow the number of employees in R&D, regulatory affairs, supply chain, operation, marketing and sales. The plant in Waspik, the Netherlands, will have more office space, labs and production capacity. In addition, production units in Asia and the Americas will be founded.

Zinpro launches own blog

Performance minerals company Zinpro has launched its own blog, called Essential Feed. The site features educational content for individuals to use who feed, raise and care for e.g. pigs, to improve animal wellness and performance. The blog contains mobile-friendly content, including articles, videos and infographics, peer-reviewed performance trace mineral research summaries and white papers.

Agrifirm will collaborate with Protix

Dutch-based animal nutrition company Agrifirm has announced a collaboration with insect ingredient production company Protix. The collaboration will result in the launch of various new initiatives using insect based ingredients from Protix. The initiatives range from the development of concepts for e.g. pigs as well as targeted applications for a circular soil improver. Its products ProteinX, LipidX and Bloosom are based on the black soldier fly.

CPF: New feed mill in Anhui province, China

Thai agribusiness Charoen Pokphand Foods is currently finalising the construction of a new feed mill near Hefei city, Anhui province, China. The 300,000 tonne facility has been built by Bühler and will be in full operation soon. The new plant will primarily produce swine feed, both for use on their own farms and for pig farmers in the nearby area. The new plant consists of 4 silos with a 2,500 tonnes capacity each. Most cereals are sourced locally.

Photo: VIV

Photo: VIV

CPF was also recently granted 2 sustainability awards by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The company was given the Outstanding Sustainability Award 2018 and Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI).

HKScan expands Rakvere plant, Estonia

Nordic pork processor HKScan is currently expanding its production facility in Rakvere, Estonia. The modernised facilities will be operational during the first half of 2019. The company is investing in modern cooking and packaging technology to enable the launch of new ready-to-eat products. Products from the plant will be sold in the Baltic region and also in Scandinavia. Total investment costs are around € 8 million.

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