Wrapping up May: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up May: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up May: What s new in the world of pigs?

As the international show season approaches, May 2018 brought a host of new innovations to the international swine sector. In addition, a range of online platforms were added for pig producers.

Arm & Hammer adds strain to portfolio

Feed additives company Arm & Hammer has added the proprietary Bacillus strain 1704 to its Certillus Targeted Microbial Solutions portfolio. “This newly discovered Bacillus strain offers broad-spectrum activity against various species and strains of E. coli, Clostridium and Salmonella bacteria,” said Dr Xandra Smith, manager of microbial ecology and genetics.

Product protocol for odour-free carcass composting

US-based Brookside Agra has formulated a natural solution which can help with degrading animal carcasses. It is a liquid blend of micro-organisms, enzymes and bio-stimulants that degrade ammonia ions, amines, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. When mixed with water and applied to carcasses, the concentrate can help to remove 95% of odour within 3 days.

New method of environmental performance

A new method of comparing the environmental performance of pig houses has been devised by UK-based ARM Buildings. Using an environmental monitoring system has enabled the company to compare similar buildings on different farms, old buildings with new and those of varying designs. This led to massive amounts of data over a 5-year-period.

New approach to controlling N and P emissions

UK pig producers can use soluble tannin-based ingredients in feed as an aid to improve performance, thereby reducing nitrogen and phosphorus excretion on farm. Farmatan MC is a hydrolysable tannin-based product delivering improved FCR through a reduction in days to slaughter and better grading profiles. The product is marketed by Azelis Animal Nutrition.

DSM: Rovimix HyD solution for swine in USA

To boost vitamin D status, improve overall health and support immune function more quickly after weaning, DSM introduces its Rovimix HyD solution for swine in the USA. Producers can mix the solution with their pigs’ drinking water to supplement during the initial post-weaning period, when nursery pigs are at their lowest vitamin D status.

Dicam2 offers remote piggery control

A next generation of environmental control systems was launched at the British Pig and Poultry Fair, held in May 2018 in the UK. Farmex’ new Dicam2 offers a advance over its predecessor in terms of features. It allows remote access by mobile phones and tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers.

Photo: Farmex

Photo: Farmex

Perstorp launches Feedpreservation.com

Feed additives company Perstorp has launched the website www.feedpreservation.com, a new technical online platform for farmers, solely about preserving feed and forage. It has regular updates with technical information and hands-on advice. Readers can expect content about mould inhibition; mycotoxin prevention; feed hygiene and silage & TMR preservation.

Hamlet Protein introduces ‘Feed Academy’

More web news: Danish animal nutrition company Hamlet Protein has added a new section to its Feed Your Brain website: a Feed Academy. The company explained that it runs over 1,000 analyses a year to map the nutritional content of commercial soy products, along with findings from international studies and feeding trials. All this info is now made available.

Lallemand releases updated heat stress map

Lallemand Animal Nutrition released an updated map of the heat stress risk for sows across Europe and parts of Asia. The results indicate that, in summer, lactating sows could spend 23-90% of their time above the heat stress threshold (25°C), which could lead to losses of feed intake, up to over 2 kg/day. The company conducted on-farm surveys using temperature probes to record temperature and humidity.

Anizome: A new microbiome discovery platform

Recently Anizome was launched, a new commercial therapeutic microbiome discovery platform dedicated to animal health and nutrition. The therapeutic potential of the microbiome in animals is yet to be unlocked, the company wrote in a press release. The partners behind the company include Baylor College of Medicine, Diversigen and Stonehaven Incubate.

De Heus opens 2nd production site in Myanmar

Animal feed company De Heus celebrated the opening of its 2nd production site in Myanmar in May 2018. This production facility enables the company De Heus to strengthen its market position. Located on 26,000 m2 near Mandalay, the factory has an annual production capacity of 280,000 metric tonnes. In 2016, the company opened its 1st feed mill near Yangon.

Photo: De Heus

Photo: De Heus

Boehringer opens new Asian Veterinary R&D Center

Boehringer Ingelheim has expanded its Asian Veterinary R&D Center in Shanghai, China. The company’s new integrated R&D Center was officially inaugurated in May 2018. Located in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, the R&D Center is currently the country’s largest integrated animal health R&D facility in terms of investment value.

Evonik opens new lab in Nairobi, Kenya

Evonik inaugurated its 1st laboratory for its animal nutrition business in Nairobi, Kenya. Equipped with modern NIR technology, the facility helps feed producers evaluate their raw materials through analysis of a very wide range of nutrients. Furthermore, analysis of feeds is also covered by this service.

New ADM facility for premixes

Archer Daniels Midland Company opened a new, high-tech premix facility in Effingham, IL, United States. The new facility, located in the Effingham Industrial Park, features modern technology, including automation within receiving, batching, packaging, and loadout and a bar coding system that uniquely identifies each item all the way from receiving to shipping.

Ocean Harvest Technology appoints Barentz as distributor

Barentz Animal Nutrition, headquartered in the Netherlands, will act as a distributor in much of Europe for Irish-based feed additives company Ocean Harvest Technology. Barentz will sell the OceanFeed range, which is destined for animal nutrition and based on algae species.

Nuscience: Next phase of Biotica brand for Canada

Nuscience, a member of the Royal Agrifirm Group, launches the next phase of its Biotica introduction for the Canadian market, providing the feed industry with fresh solutions to produce while reducing antimicrobial use. Nuscience and Canadian Bio-Systems (CBS) recently received authorisation for Biotica for use in Canadian organic production.

La Coop Fédérée joins forces with Standard Nutrition Canada

La Coop Fédérée, an agri-food cooperative with operations across Canada reached an agreement with Standard Nutrition Canada (SNC), a Winnipeg-based company offering animal nutrition products and services. The deal is to integrate their activities into the Western provinces. Thus, they will become one of the most prominent players in Canada.

Algebra Bio and SIS launch Xpel in Thailand

Hong Kong-based feed additives company Algebra Bio has appointed the BIS Group as their strategic distribution partner in Thailand. The company’s products, e.g. Xpel, will be distributed through BIS’ member Special Ingredient Services. BIS Group serves all types of customers across the ASEAN region.

DanBred: Genetic gain of € 5.97/finisher

Over the last 3 years, Danish breeding company DanBred has generated and documented a genetic gain of € 5.97/finisher, according the company. Also, the recent introduction of 100% genomic selection ensures breeding values can be calculated more accurately. DanBred conducts DNA testing on all breeding animals, resulting in an increase of 30% in genetic gain.

Photo: Danbred

Photo: Danbred

Topigs Norsvin launches ‘Meat Group’

Pig breeder Topigs Norsvin has established a global Meat Group to develop knowledge and solutions to challenges faced by slaughterhouses, processors, packers and retailers working in the pork sector. The group consists of members with a variety of backgrounds and knowledge. It presents performance and global trends in meat traits to international audiences.

The company also added a component to its breeding programme. Its researchers gained more insight into the genetic background of the relationship between milk production, fertility and longevity. Taking it into account in the breeding programme, it should lead to stronger piglets.

Hendrix Genetics joins alliance to end castration

Hypor, the swine breeding business of Hendrix Genetics, will join a research alliance to end castration of male piglets. The alliance, announced early 2018 by Recombinetics and DNA Genetics, is developing a precision breeding technology that results in male piglets born castrated.

Tonisity distributor meeting in Bergamo, Italy

Tonisity International hosted its 1st distributor meeting in Bergamo, Italy, from 16-18 April. During this three-day conference, the Tonisity team welcomed over 50 attendees from around the globe with guests flying in from both neighbouring countries within Europe as well as more distant countries such as Peru, Mexico, Korea and Taiwan.

Photo: Tonisity

Photo: Tonisity

Livestock Asia 2018 sets a new record

Livestock Asia 2018 and its co-located events, Asia Meatec and Aquaculture Asia, held 19-21 April in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, have had successful editions. With a growth of 19% from the previous edition in 2015, the event gathered 6,286 attendees from 31 countries. Parallel to the exhibition was a series of conferences with 63 different topics.

Ceva and WVA honour 5 vets

The 2nd WVA Animal Welfare Awards supported by Ceva put the welfare of animals at centre stage as 5 vets were rewarded for their work to protect and promote best practices in animal welfare. Prize winners included Prof Adroaldo José Zanella, Brazil; Alice Crook, Canada; Zhijuan Yin, China; Prof Charlotte Berg, Sweden; and Mactar Seck, Senegal.

AveSui 2018 to be held in Paraná, Brazil

AveSui, a Latin American trade fair for poultry, eggs and swine will take place 1-3 August in Medianeira, Paraná, Brazil. The event is being held in western Paraná as it is one of the leading production regions of Brazil. In co-location with the show is the XVIII international seminar on poultry and swine and the III Livestock Precision Farming Congress.

Animine Asian distributors meet in Bangkok

Another distributor meeting: In March 2018 Animine hosted its annual Asian Distributors Meeting in Bangkok. This workshop was an opportunity for the participants to discuss the latest experimental results and applications of HiZox and CoRouge.

Photo: Animine

Photo: Animine

Maple Leaf removes preservatives from processed foods

Canadian pork processor Maple Leaf announced that its products will have only natural ingredients by the end of 2018. The company will switch 44 meat products that contain preservatives and flavour-producing additives over to using basic ingredients like lemon juice, salt and vinegar. The move follows a company research project involving 7,000 consumers.

Dr Eckel: EU funding for research project

Dr Eckel Animal Nutrition, based in Niederzissen, Germany, is currently investing around € 700,000 in a new R&D project. It is receiving funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project’s aim is to develop a sanitising multifunctional additive for animal feed that can be used globally.

Livestock producers expect to use more phytogenics

Many farmers expect to increase their use of phytogenic feed additives in 2018. That news was shared by natural feed additives company Biomin. According to a recent survey of more than 700 professionals, about 60% of respondents reported that their phytogenics use would increase over the next 12 months.

New accreditation for Kiwa Agri Food

Food accreditation body Kiwa Agri Food has achieved accreditation for the Winterbotham Darby European Farm Partnership Animal Welfare Scheme (Pig Module). The Kiwa scheme audits European pig farms, transport and abattoirs to ensure highest welfare standards are met for the supply of continental meats to UK retailers and foodservice businesses.

HKScan launches pork exports to China

HKScan has launched pork exports to China from its Forssa production unit. The 1st container was shipped in April 2018. The 25,000 kg shipment travelled by sea to Tianjin port. Within the 1st year of the launch, HKScan aims to ship roughly 3 million kg of pork to China and to triple that by 2020.

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