Wrapping up May: What is new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up May: What is new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up May: What is new in the world of pigs?

As African Swine Fever (ASF) is marching on in Asia, the commercial initiatives grow to find solutions to this virus, as currently there is no remedy available other than good biosecurity. Several cooperations have started up to find solutions – and there was quite a lot of other news from animal health companies…

ViroVet and Pirbright join forces for ASF antivirals

Animal Health start-up ViroVet will partner with researchers at UK-based The Pirbright Institute to develop the 1st antiviral drugs that act against ASF. In the absence of a vaccine, antiviral drugs could provide an alternative control method to help limit clinical signs in pigs. The research will test antiviral drugs that have been screened in the lab and have demonstrated at least a 90% reduction in viral replication. Scientists will assess whether the drugs are effective at preventing 14 different types of ASF virus from replicating in macrophages.

Inovio and Plumbline team up for ASF vaccine

Inovio and Plumbline Life Sciences will collaborate to co-develop a new vaccine for African Swine Fever (ASF) virus. The vaccine will be developed using Inovio’s SynCon technology and delivered using Cellectra efficacy-enabling devices. Plumbline, based in South Korea, will fund all development and commercialisation of the ASF vaccine. Inovio will construct and test the ASF vaccine in small animal models. Plumbline will further test the vaccine in larger animal models and develop to commercialise the vaccine. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

Lanxess tests products against ASF

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess recently submitted its disinfectants, Virkon S and Virkon LSP, for independent evaluation against the virus. Trials were carried out by the Centre for Animal Health Research (CISA) in Madrid, Spain. Virkon LSP achieved complete inactivation of the virus at a 1:400 dilution rate with a 10 minute contact time, with Virkon S killing the pathogen in just 5 minutes at 1:200 dilution.

Ceva to acquire IDT Biologika

Ceva Animal Health will acquire the veterinary biopharmaceutical portfolio as well as the R&D activities of Germany’s IDT Biologika. This move will allow IDT to focus on the human market. The deal is subject to approval by the German Federal Cartel Office; conclusion is expected by July 1. Synergies exist between the companies’ swine and poultry vaccine ranges. Ceva plans to invest in the development of a new Global Swine Innovation Centre at IDT’s existing Dessau site (pictured) as well as at IDT Research in Riems, Germany.

Bayer: New iron injection combination in Europe

Bayer has launched Baycox Iron (36 mg/ml toltrazuril plus 182 mg/ml gleptoferron) suspension for injection for piglets across Europe after marketing authorisation from the European Commission. The product is is indicated for the concurrent prevention of clinical signs of coccidiosis in neonatal piglets on farms with a confirmed history of coccidiosis caused by Cystoisospora suis, and the prevention of iron deficiency anaemia.

Photo: Bayer

Photo: Bayer

Bayer also announced to have signed a global research and development collaboration agreement with Nutreco to drive the development of novel technologies and applications for the animal health and animal nutrition industries. A first project will relate to dairy and beef cattle.

BI: Industry-academia research platform in China

Boehringer Ingelheim and Harbin Veterinary Research Institute (HVRI), subordinated to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), jointly unveiled an ‘industry-academia-research’ exchange platform. As the first milestone in the strategic partnership, the exchange platform will leverage forward-looking insights, professionalism and globalisation advantages of Boehringer Ingelheim and HVRI in the animal health sector.

Smart vaccination: European swine technician meeting

Hipra’s smart vaccination team held the European Swine Technician Meeting 2019, with the participation of 20 attendees from 10 different countries. The meeting was an opportunity to share experiences and review together the best handling of 2 tools of smart vaccination in swine, being Hipradermic and HipraLink vaccination.

Photo: Hipra

Photo: Hipra

Degree2Act wins European prize

Spanish app Degree2Act has been named as one of the recipients of the 2019 EU PiG Grand Prix. The company, together with 7 other producers from Europe, have been awarded the title EU PiG Ambassador to recognise their innovation in pig production. The Grand Prix is an annual competition which aims to identify and share innovative practices in pig production throughout the European network of pig producers, and beyond. Read here how the fever detection app works in practice.

Genus: New strategic collaboration in China

Animal genetics company Genus has entered into a collaboration with Beijing Capital Agribusiness (BCA), a Chinese animal protein genetics business. Goal is to research, develop, register and market pigs in China that are resistant to PRRSv. The initial phase is expected to take several years and focuses on the R&D and approval in China of PRRSv resistant pigs. Next, the companies will work together in a joint venture which will include Genus’ pig operations in China (PIC China).

Choice: International Swine Update Day 2019

On April 3, 2019, pig producers and customers of genetics company Choice met in Rosario, Santa Fe province, Argentina, for the 1st International Swine Update Day. The event was opened by commercial technical director, Adrian Guillen, introducing the new Choice logo and tagline, ‘Caring for Life’. Other speakers included Geert Rombouts, Jorge Brunori and Leticia Borges Joaquim, geneticist from Choice Brazil.

Photo: Choice

Photo: Choice

A similar event took place in Hungary, when the country’s swine industry gathered together for a meeting in Budaörs on April 11. There speakers included Tibor Botzheim, responsible for sales development at RaSe KFT, and Fabien Restoueix, technical services specialist.

Danish Vilofoss acquires Spanish company

Moving on to pig feed news: Premix and nutrition company Vilofoss, owned by the Danish DLG Group, has acquired Complementos de Piensos Compuestos (CPC), a Spanish family owned business close to Pamplona in the province of Navarra, northern Spain. CPC produces 15,000 tonnes per year with a turnover of € 16.1 million. Including this acquisition, Vilofoss has 16 factories in 7 countries in Europe and a smaller stake in a vitamin factory in China.

Photo: Vilofoss

Photo: Vilofoss

FrieslandCampina launches global ingredients company

Animal Nutrition is one of the 4 new segments of FrieslandCampina Ingredients, a global ingredient manufacturer. This segment continues to work with a customer base of dairy farms, safeguarding high quality standards and reduced antibiotic treatments for animals.The new segment organisation incorporates its 4 individual current operating companies, including Nutrifeed.

Agrifirm stepping in for sustainable soy

Royal Agrifirm Group has signed the ‘Responsible Soy Declaration’ during a meeting of the European Feed Manufacturer’s Federation (FEFAC). By signing this declaration, Agrifirm takes an important step in making the European soy supply chain more sustainable. Agrifirm has signed this declaration because the company aims to take responsibility by making an essential contribution to making the food supply chain more sustainable for future generations.

De Heus: Centre for practical research into pig nutrition

Royal De Heus opened its Netherlands-based centre for practical research into pig nutrition, ‘De Elsenpas’, on 6 May. The research centre functions as a conventional, modern farm with sows, piglets and finishers. The centre has space for 230 sows with piglets, breeding sows and 900 finishers. The pigs are fed individually in feeding stations, allowing the centre to examine several feeds concurrently. The centre holds SPF status and has strict external and internal biosecurity.

Photo: De Heus

Photo: De Heus

DSM: New concept for piglets

RoviSol Piglet is the name of DSM’s new concept for piglets. RoviSol Piglet builds on experience of VevoStart, but the new concept also considers more that can help achieve optimum gastrointestinal functionality. Recent studies at ILVO, Belgium, concluded the use of a nutritional solution that supports and improves the piglets’ digestion and digestive tract does make it possible to achieve better productivity than with a medical solution.

Alltech acquires nutrition company Guabi

Alltech has acquired 51% of the shares of Guabi, one of the largest producers of animal feed in Brazil. Founded in 1974, Guabi provides a portfolio of more than 250 high value added products for animals, including pigs. The company sells to farmers as well as the animal feed industry and is exporting to over 30 countries. Guabi currently has more than 850 employees located in 5 sites across Brazil.

BioMatrix: Results of Biolex performance trials

BioMatrix International shared its findings from swine performance trials utilising Biolex, a blend of ingredients containing acidifiers, immune modulating ingredients, prebiotics and essential oils. In a 92-day trial from end of nursery to market, the product increased weight in swine with heat stressors by up to 1.8kg within 21 days thanks to increased gain and feed intake. It also evened-out variation post-stressor and allowed for more consistency.

Weda: New, seminal fermentation method developed

Porlaso (pictured), the Argentinian partner of housing company Weda, developed a new seminal fermentation method in cooperation with Dutch expert Dr Ronald Scholten of Dr Ferm. The basic concept aims to enable pig farmers to ferment raw, full-fat soybeans among others as a high-value feeding stuff in their own operations. The method is based on a combination of temperature and specific bacteria and enzymes, applying so-called synchronised batch fermentation.

Photo: Weda

Photo: Weda

Connect OnFarm: Next generation WeanEase

Canadian animal nutrition company WeanEase has launched a new enzyme-based feed additive technology, called WeanEase. This formulation features microbial and enzyme supplements tailored for use with young pigs. It serves as a tool to support production with fewer antimicrobials. The product also serves as a valuable option for farms that are looking for alternatives to blood plasma.

CPF closer to sustainability goals 2020

Charoen Pokphand Foods draws closer to achieve its Sustainability Goals 2020. For instance, the company has made significant transition on the animal housing to enhance animal welfare policy. Currently, 33% of sow crates in Thailand’s operations are now group gestation pen (see also this feature). Meanwhile, the implementation at overseas sow farms is at 7%. The transition to group sow housing for both in Thailand and overseas operations will be completed within 2025 and 2028 respectively.

Wrapping up May: What is new in the world of pigs?

EveryPig connects with AP Barn controllers

EveryPig, a swine health and production management tool now features real-time connectivity with US-based AP Edge Barn Controller units. The integration will automatically communicate water consumption and temperature data. The functionality will help producers who use the internet-enabled controllers to streamline their daily checkup process and save time since their barn data will be automatically entered into EveryPig’s system.

Signify acquires Once and iLOX

Lighting company Signify expands its business for agricultural lighting as it acquires Once, based in Plymouth, MN, and iLOX, based in Vechta, Germany. Once and iLOX are companies in the design and manufacturing of animal-centric lighting. These tailor-made lighting systems improve the quality of life for livestock, which leads to healthier and enhanced production for the farmer. Once was founded in 2009 and signed an agreement to acquire iLOX in 2018.

Expansion for Danish Pig Academy

The Danish Pig Academy recently welcomed 6 new members, being BM Silo, DanVit, European Protein, Hamlet Protein, Landia and LJM. Through a joint showroom and network, the members of Danish Pig Academy promote cooperation and strengthen the sale of Danish equipment and services to pig producers worldwide. Now, with the contribution from the new members the concept is even stronger and more diversified.

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