Wrapping up March: What is new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up March: What is new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up March: What is new in the world of pigs?

March 2019 was the month of VIV Asia. Hence, this business update is full of updates, novelties and side events that could be found in Thailand. Apart from that there are several interesting combination products available in the field of animal health.

VIV Asia 2019: More visitors from abroad

To start off with the VIV Asia itself: the 2019 edition, held March 13-15 in Bangkok, attracted 45,023 professional visits. About 65% came from outside of Thailand; local visitors counted for 35%, down from 39% in 2017. Overseas visitors came from more than 120 countries. China came 1st after Thailand, increasing its attendance by 12%. In total, the show welcomed 1,245 exhibitors (+18% compared to 2017) from 62 countries, covering a space of 31,007 m2 net (+30%).

Olmix satellite symposium zooms in on algae

Surrounding VIV Asia, various companies held symposia. French algae experts Olmix held its 2nd Satellite Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand, between 11-13 March. It was an opportunity to highlight the potential of specific algae extracts, and to launch Algimun in Asia, the company’s latest solution of its Immunity range. Attended by 200 customers, the event discussed the role of immunity in animal production and how to strengthen animals’ natural defences.

Ceva: Innovation summit around VIV Asia

Ceva Animal Health held an ‘Innovation Summit’ ahead of VIV Asia. In his speech, Marc Prikazsky, Ceva chairman and CEO said that the agricultural industry should draw pride and motivation from the work it delivers every day to protect future generations. He drew attention to the need to improve education and public awareness around what people eat.

Hotraco Agri launching Orange Fan Control

At VIV Asia, Hotraco Agri introduced Orange Fan Control, an energy-efficient ventilation control for adjustable speed, high performance end-wall fans. The advantage of these adjustable speed end-wall fans is that the power consumption (kWh) can be reduced by adjusting the speed of the fan. The control system can control all types of adjustable speed end-wall fans and is also suitable for other brands.

Nuwen: launch of Calseagrow

At VIV Asia, French ingredient company Nuwen launched CalseaGrow, a natural micro-granulated feed additive – created for pig feed producers, combining the benefits of the land and the sea. The product improves FCR by acting on the intestinal biota, a complex and diversified micro-organism which plays a key role in digestion and the regulation of the immune system. Several tests showed a significant ADG and FCR improvement.

Photo: Nuwen

Photo: Nuwen

Yoghurt drink with iron

A novelty on the market at VIV Asia was the introduction of YoghurLac Ferro, an acidified yoghurt product in powder form supplemented with iron. The product was introduced by Danish company R2Agro. By combining yoghurt and iron, the company supplies easily absorbable energy, milk protein as well as iron in bioavailable form. The product can be supplied to pigs in the 2nd week post-farrowing.

Measuring pigs with a camera

More innovations from Denmark at VIV Asia, as also the company Dol Sensors showcased an automated pig weighing device, called the iDol 69 camara. The device can weigh pigs at pen level as well as at individual level. Outcomes can be integrated with a farm management system, as the company also provides sensors for climate and management purposes. The real launch of the product is in July.

Photo: Vincent ter Beek

Photo: Vincent ter Beek

Spraying probiotics into pig house air

JRL, a Thai equipment company, introduced a new spraying system at VIV Asia. This can be attached high up in pig houses to spray e.g. probiotics into pig house air with the aim to fight off bad bacteria. The intensity, frequency and humidity of each spray can be adjusted. The company stated that currently Charoen Pokphand Foods is testing the device.

Photo: Vincent ter Beek

Photo: Vincent ter Beek

Biomin launches water-soluble fumonisin degrader

Last but not least from VIV Asia, animal nutrition company Biomin introduced Fumzyme Sol, a water-soluble purified enzyme that can be sprayed on extruded feed and degrades fumonisins into non-toxic metabolites. The original product Fumzyme was launched in 2013. In response to customer requests, the company’s research centre developed a post-extrusion spray variety, requiring a concentrated formulation that is 200 times more powerful than the original.

Biomin also opened a new research lab in cooperation with the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and BOKU University in Austria. The Christian Doppler Laboratory will study improving gut health of livestock and will operate with a budget of € 4.7 million for up to 7 years.

Photo: Biomin

Photo: Biomin

Iron combination product step closer to EU authorisation

Moving away from Thailand, Bayer’s new toltrazulril plus gleptoferron injectable combination for piglets is closer to European authorisation. The EMA’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP) has adopted a positive opinion about marketing authorisation for Baycox Iron suspension. It is a combination for the concurrent prevention of clinical signs of coccidiosis in neonatal piglets on farms with a confirmed history of coccidiosis caused by Cystoisospora suis, and prevention of iron deficiency anaemia.

MSD launches new triple protection pig vaccine

MSD Animal Health has launched their new triple action pig vaccine to control erysipelas, porcine parvovirus and leptospirosis, offering up to 12 months immunity. Porcilis Ery+Parvo+Lepto offers protection against 3 of the biggest diseases that cause reproductive failures in pigs. The vaccine offers protection against 9 different Leptospira serogroups, including the Tarassoy serogroup.

Photo: MSD

Photo: MSD

IntelliBond: Performance up in EU grow-finisher pigs

6 Trials in Belgium, Germany and Spain have shown the efficacy of the trace mineral source IntelliBond, a Trouw Nutrition product. Company researchers collaborated with European universities and found pigs fed IntelliBond copper and IntelliBond zinc in the grow-finisher phase showed significantly improved percentages of lean meat compared to pigs receiving feed with copper sulphate and zinc sulphate. Also FCR was better (-3.8%), so was feed efficiency (+3.9%) and there was a trend toward improved ADG (+3.9%) in the phase before slaughter.

Lallemand: New study on piglet immunity

Lallemand Animal Nutrition released research indicating that the multi-strain yeast fractions product Yang can alleviate the effects of bad sanitary conditions on weanling piglets. The trial was conducted at Dankook University, South Korea, on 160 piglets. Diet supplementation helped improve growth performance, increase DM digestibility and modulate gut mucosa inflammation. The study was presented at the ADSA and ASAS Midwest Meeting in Omaha, NE, USA in March.

Photo: Lallemand

Photo: Lallemand

Zinpro launches Availa Se across the EU

After examination by the European Commission (EC), the trace mineral Availa Se (Zinpro) is now available for purchase across the European Union (EU). Essentially the product (zinc-L selenomethionine) was approved in the EU for all-species use. The product is based on a molecule that offers nutrition-related performance in the animal.

Neogen disinfectant proven effective against ASF

The disinfectant Neogen Viroxide Super has been proven effective against African Swine Fever (ASF) virus at a dilution of 1:800. The company offers a broad-spectrum disinfectant and emergency disease control solution. The disinfectant is based on peroxygen. The non-resistant, oxidative chemistry causes extensive damage to the protective mechanisms of microbial cells, giving optimum kill of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Photo: Neogen

Photo: Neogen

Delacon brings phytogenics to China

The strategic partnership between Delacon and Cargill is paving the way for the Chinese feed market, with 4 phytogenic products available to start with, of which 2 are intended for use in swine: Fresta F and Aromex ME. Another 5 will follow soon. China hopes to ban all in-feed antimicrobial growth promoters starting in 2020.

Delacon also opened a new hub for Asia in Singapore, which was opened on March 18. The hub will serve as Delacon regional office in Asia.

De Heus: Majority stake in Ukrainian D-Mix

Compound feed manufacturer Royal De Heus will acquire a majority stake in D-Mix, located in Zolochiv, western Ukraine. This company produces concentrates speciality feeds and complete feeds, mainly for poultry and pigs. D-Mix has a production capacity of 80,000 tonnes. The construction will start of a premix factory, ready early 2020. The joint venture company will use the trade name ‘Koudijs Ukraine’. Closing is expected in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Photo: Royal De Heus

Photo: Royal De Heus

Kemin finds new partner in Inner Mongolia, China

Ingredient manufacturer Kemin closed a new partnership with CRVAB Bio-technology, based in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China. The investment will give Kemin one of the most efficient fermentation facilities in China and and an accelerated ability to bring products to customers.

Cooperl joins Vereijken in a joint venture

French pork cooperative Cooperl and Dutch farrowing equipment company Vereijken have signed a joint venture to create new synergies together that will bring more value to farmers around the world. The deal was signed on March 22. Cooperl offers a wide range of solutions for the pig chain, and the jv with Vereijken creates more potential for its products, globally. The cooperation offers Vereijken to continue its growth.

Photo: Vereijken

Photo: Vereijken

Betagro distributor for Anco in Thailand

Feed additive producer Anco announced to be expanding its business to Thailand. Major agribusiness Betagro will be distributor for Anco Fit products.

SwineTech wins 1st place at Digital Animal Summit 2019

US startup SwineTech has won the 1st place at the 2019 Digital Animal Summit, held in Berkeley, CA, United States, late March. The company uses artificial intelligence and sensors to prevent piglet crushing. The summit is an annual conference on animal care, animal production, and animal health industries to explore digital trends and practices. During the event, SwineTech CEO Matthew Rooda participated in a startup pitch competition – and won.

Smithfield, United Wind WindLease agreement

Smithfield Foods and United Wind, a US wind energy developer, will enter a partnership to generate on-site wind energy across farms in Colorado. Smithfield said the project supports its renewable energy efforts across its farms and facilities that are concurrently reducing carbon emissions, generating ‘clean’ energy and reducing the company’s environmental footprint. The partnership will contribute to Smithfield’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2025.

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