Wrapping up June ’17: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up June: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up June: What s new in the world of pigs?

Business-wise, June saw a series of new product launches, for instance at World Pork Expo in Des Moines, IA, United States. In addition, there was a take-over of a swine AI company in France and several other activities all over the world. Here is a recap.

Mucosal PRRSv vaccine launched

Prominently at the 2017 World Pork Expo: Illinois-based company Aptimmune Biologics launched its autogenous PRRSv vaccine. The company emphasised that it is ‘the world’s 1st commercially available mucosal PRRSv vaccine for swine administered via nasal spray’.

The vaccine utilises Barricade, a proprietary vaccine technology. The vaccine combines three core components. First, an immune stimulating adjuvant based on mycobacterium whole cell lysate. Second, high-titre PRRSv antigen produced on ZMAC, ‘the world’s only commercially available porcine based alveolar macrophage cell line’. Thirdly, the company’s proprietary nanoparticles, delivering the vaccine payload to immune cells responsible for mucosal immunity, potentially offering enhanced cell-mediated immunity and antibody production.

Produmix introduces pig basemix Colosus

Spain-based animal nutrition company Produmix introduced Colosus, a new high-growth base mix line. The base mix is aimed at farms of which the main priorities are growth and a high digestive health.

Each component in the product line is subjected to a special encapsulation process to ensure its release in the most appropriate zone. In general, it favours the synergies and the antagonic effects between them. Trials have shown that the product reaches an increase of 300-500 g/piglet in the pre-starter stage and 700-1.000 in the starter stage.

CBS launches feed analysis tool

Another novelty at World Pork Expo: Canadian Bio-Systems introduced a feed analysis app. The app, called Inspect, is a dietary focused digital app for the global feed industry. It allows users to input information on the type of diet they are feeding and receive instant analysis on dietary non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) such as cellulose, arabinoxylan, beta-glucan, mannan, pectins and various other NSP components.

The application then also allows users to select and compare feed additive options to address the NSPs in order to boost digestibility, nutrition capture and a range of related benefits spanning animal performance, health and reduced environmental footprint.

Hypor launches new sow breed

Netherlands-based global pig breeder Hypor, part of Hendrix Genetics, launched its new Hypor Libra* sow. The new sow is said to ‘balance traits in piglet quality, mothering ability and sow longevity to increase the number of pigs that employees can manage and lower the labour costs from farrow to wean’.

In a press release, the company stated: “By improving the mothering ability and longevity, Hypor geneticists were able to lower the amount of time and labour spent managing gilts and spent in the farrowing room to increase the number of piglets-per-hour.”

The new Hypor Libra* sow. Photo: Hypor

The new Hypor Libra* sow. Photo: Hypor

IMV Technologies acquires ECM

France-based reproduction company IMV Technologies has acquired ECM, one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of portable and ultra-portable ultrasound scanners for farm animals and pets. ECM, based in Angoulême, France, designs high-performance devices that are distributed worldwide through 60 distributors.

For IMV Technologies this acquisition is in line with its strategy to widen its product offering, which had historically been focused on insemination, to the entire reproduction management sector. In 2016, the company added Alphavision to its range.

Anco and ADM cooperate on specialty feed ingredients

US-based food and feed company Archer Daniels Midlands (ADM) entered into a strategic collaboration with Austria-based Anco Animal Nutrition Competence to provide Anco’s line of specialty feed ingredients to ADM Animal Nutrition customers.

ADM has made an equity investment in Anco, and as part of the collaboration, is offering its customers a range of Anco specialty feed products, including the Anco FIT product line. Currently, ADM is offering Anco products to customers in the US, Canada and Mexico, with more locations to follow.

Anco also reported to step into to the Brazilian market. The company chose São Paulo as the location for the subsidiary Anco Brazil, which is currently in the process of being founded. The subsidiary will be operational in 2017 and headed by Marcelo Blumer.

Munters adds gas heaters to portfolio

Air treatment and climate company Munters has expanded its portfolio by becoming a distributor of Winterwarm gas heaters on the agricultural market. Winterwarm designs and manufactures gas and oil heaters for industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings.

The product portfolio includes the DXC heater, an indirect fired heater with a closed combustion system: heating according to this concept means no CO2 and no water vapour in the house. This has two important effects: a decrease of the energy consumption as less ventilation is required, as well as improved animal health due to a dryer environment.

The agreement includes DXC heaters as well as Winterwarm’s direct fired gas heater line.

Roxell opens new plant in Malaysia

Belgium-headquartered livestock equipment manufacturer Roxell just opened a new facility in Asia, located near Port Klang, the country’s largest port. The new plant will enable the local team to expand and optimise its service to the Asian market. The building occupies an area of 6,400 m², almost 3 times bigger than the previous location. The new facility and storage capacity will enable serving Asian customers more rapidly and efficiently.

The news of the opening comes at a time that Roxell celebrated its 50th anniversary. This was celebrated with an Employees’ Day on 9 June.

The new Roxell plant in Malaysia. Photo: Roxell

The new Roxell plant in Malaysia. Photo: Roxell

New for pigs: Applied Bacterial Control

Applied Bacterial Control (ABC) is a newly established company, aimed at optimising animal health by reducing antibiotic usage. The company has come into existence from St David’s Poultry Team, based in Exmouth, UK and gradually expanded into pigs and ruminants.

ABC will work with farmers to help reduce antibiotic usage across all livestock sectors, by boosting animal health through a bespoke programme involving husbandry protocols and products in biosecurity, hygiene, water sanitation, probiotics and essential oils. Working with all sections of the supply chain, ABC focuses on improving the gut health of the animals.

New company ABC visiting a client. Photo: ABC

New company ABC visiting a client. Photo: ABC

InVivo Labs rebrands to ‘Upscience’

As from July, InVivo Labs will be known as Upscience. This new brand is meant to embody the international development momentum initiated by the network of analysis laboratories since 2014. It also positions the company as an expert in its field through an extensive, innovative, and individualised range of analysis.

French market leader in animal feed analysis, Upscience analysis laboratories, have gradually extended their expertise to other fields. The company now offers a range of physical chemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology analyses for a series of stakeholders in various fields of activity: animal and human nutrition, agri-food industry, environment and nutraceuticals. The organisation includes 300 experts, engineers, and technicians worldwide.

Topigs Norsvin: 44% fewer piglets under 1 kg

Pig genetics company Topigs Norsvin reported that in recent years, its customers have experienced a drop in piglets with a birth weight below 1 kg. Based on genotypic information, the percentage of piglets born with a weight below 1 kg dropped by 44% between 2012 and 2016. The company added that in the same period, litters became more uniform, the average birth weight increased by 12%, and litter size increased by an average of one piglet.

Topigs Norsvin had a busy month, as it also reported the opening of a new nucleus farm, called Rietfontein, in South Africa, with a capacity of 1,500 SPF sows. In addition, a new AI station in Norway was opened, with an expected annual production of 500,000 doses of semen. On top of that, a new ‘resting place’ was established in Germany for the company’s own breeding animals.

The new Topigs Norsvin nucleus farm in Rietfontein, South Africa. Illustration: Topigs Norsvin

The new Topigs Norsvin nucleus farm in Rietfontein, South Africa. Illustration: Topigs Norsvin

Lallemand investigating heat stress in Europe

In summer, lactating sows could spend 34 to 94% of their time above heat stress threshold (25°C), which could lead to 0.6 to 2.5 kg per day of reduced feed intake, and this is true from Netherlands to Spain, a survey from Lallemand Animal Nutrition has revealed.

The company did so in order to evaluate the reality of heat stress in the farrowing rooms across Europe. The consequences for the sow and the farmer range from discomfort to reduced body weight and reproduction issues. Solutions to problems related to heat stress are described in this informative article, touching on how yeast can help sows.

Vetagro event in Rome attracts 200 experts

About 200 swine and poultry nutritionists and researchers gathered in mid-May at the ‘Vetagro International Forum’ near Rome, Italy. Key issues discussed included nutrition and gut health and how to understand the role of nutrition in maintaining healthy animals.

Forum speakers included Dr R. Dean Boyd, technical director and nutrition leader for The Hanor Company, who emphasised the importance of nutrition in gut health during the weaning period. Dr Randy Mitchell, vice president of technical services for Perdue Foods, is responsible for the company’s poultry business and has a similar position. He discussed what has replaced antibiotics in Perdue’s chicken facilities.

R. Dean Boyd, one of the speakers at the Vetagro International Forum. Photo: Vetagro

R. Dean Boyd, one of the speakers at the Vetagro International Forum. Photo: Vetagro

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