Wrapping up July: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up July: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up July: What s new in the world of pigs?

July is traditionally a calm month for pig business news updates, but not for the animal nutrition business. Evonik and Perstorp announced their joint research agreement, while Hamlet Protein announced a new solution against post-weaning diarrhoea.

Evonik and Perstorp sign joint research agreement

Evonik and Perstorp have signed a research agreement for the development of new animal nutrition products and are investigating future options for partnerships. The approach combines Evonik’s access to the gut health simulation system and probiotics portfolio with Perstorp’s ester technology platform for acid application. The products to be developed will be aimed at improving animal gut health and keeping the performance compared to AGPs.

Hamlet Protein introduces ZnO free diet solution

Danish animal nutrition company Hamlet Protein has been working on the development of a practical solution that provides an alternative to zinc oxide and helps prevent diarrhoea in young animals. HP FiberStart will be launched in Denmark in the 2nd half of 2019. The product can be used in the 1st diet post-weaning to alleviate weaning problems while keeping the piglets growing. The fibre part consists of both soluble- and insoluble fibres.

The company also recently received a delegation of Chinese industry professionals and scientists in Denmark. An exchange on nutrition and health aspects of pig feed formulation was well received by the forum of Danish and Chinese participants.

Biomin commits to AMR Challenge

Animal nutrition company Biomin has made a public commitment to the AMR Challenge. The challenge is a multi-stakeholder initiative led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for governments, industries, and NGOs worldwide to make progress against antimicrobial resistance. In particular, Biomin commits to ‘expanding the reduction of non-medically necessary use of antibiotic feed solutions across the agriculture sector globally.”

Brookside Agra introduces buffered electrolytes

Brookside Agra has expanded its animal health and nutrition product line to include Brook-Lytes – a non-medicated, pH-buffered electrolyte for pigs of all stages and environments. When added to drinking water, the solution draws pigs to drink with its palatable formula and aromatic flavour to keep them hydrated and fortified with essential nutrients. The product replaces fluids, electrolytes and elements lost to metabolism and stressful situations.

Photo: Brookside Agra

Photo: Brookside Agra

Ceva: Product against Salmonella in pigs

Pig farmers in 12 European countries will be able to protect their herds against Salmonella Typhimurium. Ceva will launch Salmoporc in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, UK within 2019. Salmoporc has been used on German and Polish farms for over 15 years. The live attenuated vaccine can be administered orally in piglets and via subcutaneous injection in sows.

Photo: Ceva

Photo: Ceva

MSD names 2019 High Quality Pork award recipient

MSD/Merck Animal Health named Dr Cristina Rojo Gimeno as recipient of the 2019 High Quality Pork PhD Award. This prize supports research in swine health, production and welfare. Dr Rojo Gimeno, a veterinary epidemiologist at the FAO, will present her research to a large group of swine industry specialists at upcoming MSD Animal Health High Quality Pork meetings to be held in 2020. Her research focused on the responsible use of antimicrobials.

Natural Remedies chosen as Best Health Care brand

Natural Remedies, a herbal animal health care company in India, has been named ‘Best Healthcare Brand 2019’ at an event in Delhi, India, in June 2019. The recognition was conferred based on the results of an independent survey, conducted by Economic Times along with their research team. The survey was conducted through an interview method across 11 cities in India.

Photo: Natural Solutions

Photo: Natural Solutions

Fancom Eurl wins Innov’Space award

More award-winning news: Fancom Eurl, the French distributor of Netherlands-based Fancom, will receive an Innov’Space award in September for a special ATM adapter for central exhaust ducts. The adapter box reduces the air resistance in the central duct and thus improves the efficiency of the central ventilation, which results in energy savings of up to 30%. This ATM adaptor is only available for the French market.

Photo: Fancom

Photo: Fancom

EveryPig and Glacier team up

EveryPig, the intelligent pig health management platform, announced today that it is expanding to the Canadian marketplace through a new strategic partnership with Glacier Pig Management. Together, the companies will break new ground by bringing innovative pig health and production management technology to Canada’s swine industry. The partnership is the result of a Distribution Agreement between the companies.

Danish Genetics: 100% genomic selection

Danish Genetics have launched a new initiative in order to speed up the genetic progress by increasing the genomic selection to 100% of the purebred breeding animals. The result will be more than 30% raise in the genetic development. The more accurate DNA data and large amount of genotyped breeding animals lead to better breeding decision-making as genomic selection promises higher accuracy for selecting breeding animals.

CPF: Revision of contract farming agreements

Charoen Pokphand Foods revised its contract farming agreement to allow more involvement of farmers in the decision-making process, assuring them of fair treatment. The company introduced contract farming model to promote employment and support income generation among Thai farmers in 1975. So far, CP Foods’ contract farming operations has included over 5,500 chicken and swine farmers.

Photo: CPF

Photo: CPF

La Coop Fédérée to purchase pork, milling assets

Canada-based La Coop Fédérée and its Olymel and Sollio Agriculture divisions reached an agreement with F. Ménard to acquire all assets of F. Ménard, in Montérégie, QC, Canada. F. Ménard is a family business with activities ranging from genetics to marketing by way of animal feed, breeding, slaughtering and processing. Every year, the company produces over 1.1 million pigs reared on more than 300 farms.

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