Wrapping up January: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up January: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up January: What s new in the world of pigs?

Several pig breeding companies were active in the 1st month of 2018 – with rebranding and ambitious orders from China and Russia. Not surprisingly, African Swine Fever is also appearing in research communicated by agribusiness companies. Here is a recap.

Virkon S effective for ASF biosecurity

Biosecurity product Virkon S, now owned by German chemistry company Lanxess, has been proven to be a disinfectant for preventative farm biosecurity and control measures. Having been independently tested for virucidal efficacy against African Swine Fever (ASF) by the Institute of Animal Health, Pirbright, United Kingdom, the broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant is proven to be effective against ASF at a dilution rate of 1:800, in the presence of organic challenge and at low temperatures (down to 4ºC) reflecting its proven performance and suitability for real world ‘on farm’ conditions.

DanAvl becomes DanBred (again)

As from 1 March, Danish pig genetics will be sold worldwide as DanBred – and no longer as DanAvl. The company launched a new visual identity and new website – which will make it much easier for suppliers, partners and agents to act under one brand. Previously, DanAvl had a decentralised marketing effort, where it was up to individual distributors to promote the brand. In the future, all promotion will be centralised.

DanAvl signed contracts with 3 new agents for the German export market (Fenker & Hellebusch, DanSau and Detert Zuchttiere). The company also signed contracts with DanaPig in Belgium as well as Rosgard covering e.g. Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In addition, 6 new breeders have been added to the Danish nucleus, meaning that DanAvl nucleus now is back at 100% capacity. The formation of the new DanAvl company led to a few breeders not participating. These licenses were redistributed.

Cherkizovo chooses Topigs Norsvin

Russian Cherkizovo Group has chosen Topigs Norsvin as their preferred genetic partner. This means that in the near future, all 90,000 sows will be produced with Topigs Norsvin genetics. The reasons why Cherkizovo chose Topigs Norsvin are – the TN70 product performance, the high quality of the genetic improvement programme, the local presence in Russia, the support of breeding specialists and the breeding infrastructure of Topigs Norsvin. According to a press release, TN70 sows proved best when evaluating the performance from birth to market.

UK pig stud secures biggest ever export order to China

Deerpark Pedigree Pigs in Northern Ireland, UK, has received its largest-ever export order from China for frozen boar semen, in a deal which also involves training Chinese staff in artificial insemination (AI) and semen handling. The order will be shipped in January and be followed by further consignments in the months and years ahead. Over the years, the owning Overend family has perfected the process of freezing pig semen, a product with which their top-performing customers are now achieving conception rates as high as 100%.

Photo: Deerpark

Photo: Deerpark

Smithfield completes conversion to group housing

Smithfield Foods reported that it completed the conversion to group housing systems for gestating sows on all company-owned farms in the USA. In 2007, Smithfield was one of the earlier players in the US to convert to group housing systems. Since then, the company has invested more than $ 360 million to complete the transition. The company hopes that by the end of 2022 all contract growers as well as company-owned operations in Poland and Romania and joint ventures in Mexico, will have converted to group housing. Also check out Smithfield’s new 360º video of a gestation house.

Cargill invests in Chinese piglet feed plant

Cargill is bolstering its young animal nutrition capability by investing more than US$ 15 to add a piglet feed production line at its existing premix and nutrition facility in Tianjin, China. The nearly 7,000 m2 young animal nutrition facility features modern technology to produce Neopigg, a sustainable piglet feed.

The new production line uses a traceable barcode management system during production, which ensures the sustainability and quality of the products delivered to customers, from raw material to finished product. The piglet feed production line is expected to create 20 new jobs at the Tianjin facility.

EW Nutrition launches new website

Germany-based animal nutrition company EW Nutrition has launched a special website to invite professionals to get more acquainted to the topic of antibiotic reduction. The website is constructed with briefly presented facts, editorial content and feed solutions. The company aims to to update the information platform on a continuous basis with background information, latest findings as well as scientific results.

Photo: EW Nutrition

Photo: EW Nutrition

Agromed appoints Japan Nutrition as distributor

Agromed Austria, a provider of natural feed additives, has signed a distribution agreement with Japan Nutrition (JNC), under which they will actively market OptiCell to the livestock industry in Japan. The company has a good distribution network and reputation in Japan. OptiCell is a natural lignocellulose product with a high density dietary component.

Pancosma and BASF jointly intensify legal battle

Feed additives company Pancosma and chemical giant BASF have intensified their efforts to enforce their intellectual property rights for their metal-glycinates. In mid-September 2017, a second lawsuit was filed against a potential patent infringer at the court of Düsseldorf, Germany, they wrote in a press release. In October 2016, both companies initiated legal action by filing lawsuits against potential patent infringers at the same district court. The companies’ metal-glycinates are trace elements organically bound to glycine, e.g., copper, iron, manganese and zinc for use in animal feed.

New swine claim for M. hyo antibiotic

US pork producers battling swine respiratory disease associated with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo) have more flexibility when using Lincomix (lincomycin hydrochloride), thanks to a new dosing level approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Manufacturer Zoetis reported that the feed medication may be administered at 100 to 200 g/tonne of feed for 21 days to reduce the severity of respiratory disease. Previously, Lincomix had to be used at the rate of 200 g/tonne.

Evonik and Fufeng team up for ThreAmino

Evonik and the Fufeng Group have entered into a cooperation agreement for the production of ThreAmino (L-threonine). The Chinese specialist in bio-fermentation, based in Junan county, eastern China, will manufacture ThreAmino for Evonik using Evonik’s technology. This strategic partnership supports Evonik’s positioning and efficiency in the animal nutrition segment.

Sigma doubling output of organic soybean meal

Sigma Organic Feed will double its supply of its product Hi-Pro Non-GMO Organic Soybean Meal to 3,000 MT per month. The product is a finished soy protein with high digestibility and a very palatable product. The US company is part of a multi-family and employee-owned group of companies with roots in South America (Argentina, Chile and Peru) involved in fishing, fishmeal, marine proteins and feed raw materials.

Photo: Sigma

Photo: Sigma

Stonehaven and Brakke team up

Swiss-based Stonehaven Consulting and Texas, US-based Brakke Consulting have decided to team up in a transatlantic partnership. The merger creates a company with both knowledge on animal health and nutrition. The aim is to integrate all current Brakke consultants into Stonehaven international operations over the coming months, and to expand current US studies and consulting projects into international markets served by Stonehaven. The transaction will close by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

Merck/MSD focus on life beyond antibiotics

In the UK, Merck/MSD Animal Health has been focusing on a life beyond antibiotics at a fringe event during the Oxford Farming Conference. The event, called ‘Embracing Change? It’s Time to Vaccinate!’ focused on how the animal health industry can work together to overcome antimicrobial resistance. Dr Paul Williams, technical manager for MSD Animal Health said, “Disease prevention, not treatment, is part of the solution and it requires a change of mindset.” The company also launched a whitepaper on the topic.

Aptimmune moves headquarters to St Louis

Swine vaccine company Aptimmune Biologics will move its headquarters and lab to St Louis, MO, USA. The move comes with an investment of almost US$ 9 million, generated by the company through 3 rounds of funding. The company is relocating its headquarters and laboratory away from Champaign, IL, to the Bio-Research & Development Growth (BRDG) Park in St Louis, MO. The move was due in large part to the financial and logistics support the company received from investors and other businesses in the St Louis area.

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