Wrapping up February: What is new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up February: What is new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up February: What is new in the world of pigs?

February 2019 definitely was a month full of novelties – many of them having been launched in the USA at the IPPE show. Which innovations saw the light and what other developments have been going on?

Roxell: New energy-efficient space heater

Belgian livestock equipment manufacturer Roxell added the compact Shen-Turbo 100 to its range of convection heaters. Essentially, it is a space heater that generates heat using 23 kW or 80,000 BTU/h of propane – according to the company this is 20% less than similar models, making the heater an economical and cost-effective solution.

DuPont introducing Enviva EO at IPPE

DuPont Animal Nutrition introduced its new product Enviva EO at the recent IPPE in Atlanta, GA, held 12-14 February, 2019. The product is a nature identical phytogenic blend designed to fit into any nutritional health strategy and consistently improve feed intake, leading to improved gut heath and performance. The product, based on thymol and cinnamaldehyde, will be available in both the USA and Latin American markets in the coming months.

Thermo Fisher: New PRRSv diagnostic kit

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the Applied Biosystems VetMax PRRSv EU & NA 2.0 kit. The new real-time RT-PCR kit simultaneously detects and differentiates European and North American genotypes of the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) virus from a variety of swine samples. The new updated design allows accurate detection of all currently known circulating PRRS virus strains.

Photo: Thermo Fisher

Photo: Thermo Fisher

EveryPig launches antibiotic tracking feature

Pig health management platform EveryPig released a new antibiotic tracking and analytics functionality, allowing users to keep a close eye on their medication usage and compare it over time. Users are also able to monitor usage by farm type in nursery, wean to finish, and finishing barns. The feature will be announced at the upcoming AASV Conference in Orlando, FL, this March.

AB Vista unveils dual action microbiome activator

More novelties from IPPE: AB Vista launched a dual action product, designed to accelerate the development of a fibre-degrading microbiome. The product, called Signis, is a xylanase and fermentable xylo-oligosaccharide (XOS) combination, enables the fermentation of fibre sources that would otherwise remain undigested, and improving the extent of fibre digestibility earlier in the monogastric life cycle.

Illustration: AB Vista

Illustration: AB Vista

Leiber launches yeast fibre concept

German yeast producer Leiber has expanded its product range in the area of combined yeast products and adjusted their feed to meet current market trends. Leiber YeaFi is a grain-free fibre concept including the combination of pure brewers’ yeast with depectinised apple pomace, unmolassed beet slices, pea fibres and carrot pomace. Apart from pet food, the new product is also suitable for feeding livestock.

Layn steps into animal nutrition

Layn, a US-based manufacturer of sweeteners and natural extracts, has launched the TruGro byLayn ingredients for animal nutrition. Targeting the nutrition requirements for raising healthy cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry, the new line is focused on 4 primary feed support areas, being gut health, AGP replacement, palatability and antioxidants. Founded in 1995, the company has so far been focusing on human nutrition.

Dopharma introduces Y-D-Fix

Netherlands-based animal health company Dopharma launched Y-D-Fix, a complementary dry feeding stuff for use in the farrowing unit and weaning phase, based on benefits of sow milk. The product is said to increase the piglets’ feed intake before weaning, lead to an improved growth rate, more uniform feed intake and a normal gut health. Its initial launch, at ESPHM in May, Utrecht, will focus on the Netherlands and Belgium.

Photo: Dopharma

Photo: Dopharma

Techna reorganises brands

French based animal nutrition company Techna is reorganising its brand portfolio around the group’s five business units. Especially interesting for swine production will be the brands Natual, which is aimed at nutritional specialities for animals, with no withdrawal periods, no residual traces and no resistance, to manage the main physiological functions of livestock.

Lallemand: Improved sow performance with antioxidant

New research by Lallemand Animal Nutrition demonstrated how a supplement containing vegetal superoxide dismutase (SOD) and selenium yeast as primary cellular antioxidants, benefits sow reproductive performance. In the trial, sows supplemented during the weaning-to-oestrus interval showed improved return to oestrus and farrowing rates in the subsequent cycle. They also gave birth to more (live) piglets.

Betagro closes deal in Myanmar

Thai agribusiness Betagro and Myanmar construction material and logistics Shwe Mè Group have signed a deal to form a joint venture company named Betagro (Myanmar) Company. Established with capital of US$ 18.3 million, Betagro has an 80% share in the joint venture, with Shwe Mè Group holding the rest. The new joint venture plans to invest in a feed mill with a production capacity of 12,000 tonnes/month, a breeder farm and a pig farm in Yangon.

BI and GNA Biosolutions partner on ASF diagnostics

Boehringer Ingelheim and GNA Biosolutions have entered into a research collaboration focused on the development of a rapid African Swine Fever (ASF) diagnostic test. The test would be used in combination with GNA’s portable molecular diagnostic platform, and is aimed at supporting the fight against the worldwide spread of this virus.

Koudijs builds compound feed factory in Ghana

Early February, Koudijs Ghana, part of De Heus, celebrated the start of the development of its 1st compound animal feed factory in Ghana and in West Africa. Located on a 500 acre-site in Tema, near Accra, the new factory will be one of the largest compound feed production plants in Ghana, with a production capacity reaching 90,000 tonnes a year. The inauguration was attended by Carola Schouten, the Netherlands minister of agriculture, nature & food.

Photo: Koudijs

Photo: Koudijs

ID4Feed acquires eco-extraction platform

The French start-up ID4Feed, specialised in the development and production of feed supplements for livestock, acquired the Valréas exo-extraction platform (PEEV). The company plans to invest € 1.2 million to develop extraction and galenisation technologies of plant extracts for the feed industry. The platform was created in 2014 with the support of the University of Avignon to propose technologies in plant extraction to the feed industry.

Denkavit and Dinuvet start Denkavit Ibérica

Denkavit Group, the Netherlands, and Dinuvet, Spain, have founded the company Denkavit Ibérica as from February 1, 2019. With the start of the joint venture they bundle their activities in the field of young animal nutrition in the Spanish and Portuguese market. The companies have already been working together for many years. This new structure will help to bring innovations to the local market sooner.

ADM completes acquisition of Neovia

Archer Daniels Midland company has completed its € 1.544 billion acquisition of Neovia from Invivo, creating a global business in value-added products and solutions for both production and companion animals. With the addition of Neovia, ADM Animal Nutrition spans the globe, offering premixes, complete feed, ingredients, pet care solutions, aquaculture, additives and amino acids to our customers.

Upgrade for Vion’s Boxtel production location

Dutch pork processor Vion will modernise its production location in Boxtel, the Netherlands, in order to increase its competitiveness on the national and international meat markets. The upgrade means that some of the activities the Scherpenzeel site will be integrated into the location in Boxtel. With the investment of € 35 million, Vion aims to realise a shorter supply chain. The plan will be realised by mid-2021. About 120 employees will have to be relocated.

Photo: Vion

Photo: Vion

Plumrose will expand for US$ 20 million

JBS USA is planning an expansion of almost $ 20 million of its subsidiary Plumrose’s prepared foods business in Ottumwa, IA, United States. The expansion is needed to meet the growing demand for bacon products. Therefore bacon equipment upgrades and modern slicing equipment are also part of the expansion. JBS said the new investment will result in 25 new job opportunities at the Iowa pork and bacon facility.

HKScan reduces plastic packaging

Nordic meat processor HKScan will replace all non-recyclable black plastic packaging with other colours, e.g. yellow, and possibly also with other materials by the end of 2019 in Sweden and in Finland. In a press release, the company indicated to do so to help consumers live more sustainable lives. The company is also developing a road map for Denmark and the Baltic states.

Photo: HKScan

Photo: HKScan

Eli Lilly will divest interest in Elanco

Stock listed health company Eli Lilly and Company aims to divest its remaining interest in Elanco Animal Health. In a press release, David A. Ricks, Lilly’s chairman and CEO said: “It’s the right time to finalise the separation, let Elanco chart its future as a stand-alone company, and focus Lilly on our core mission to create human medicines that make life better for people around the world.”

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