Wrapping up December: What is new in the world of pigs?

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Photo: Proagrica
Photo: Proagrica

December 2018 proved to be a month in which various novelties for pig producers have seen the light. These also include new applications for on mobile phones. Also: an update on building projects and a special jubilee of Charoen Pokphand in Vietnam.

Bayer helps farmers keep sows healthy

Bayer has introduced BCS SowDition, a new smartphone application to help swine farmers to accurately score the body condition of sow herds. The results are tracked and can be analysed, enabling farmers to make better and more timely management decisions. With the app, visual subjectivity of body condition scoring is minimised with a photo-and-line fit system, allowing for accurate and standardised assessment of individual sows. It is available in 17 languages.

Boehringer Ingelheim: tool for ASF prevention

Boehringer Ingelheim developed the tool ASF Combat, short for ‘African Swine Fever Comprehensive Online Management and Biosecurity Assessment Tool’. The tool enables pig producers to evaluate areas for biosecurity improvement on their farms by completing a short questionnaire based on ASF virus scientific literature and practical experience. The tool, also available as app, evaluates animals, transport, people, management, feeding and location.

New type of gas infrared radiator

Spanish heating company Exafan recently launched a new type of heater for pig and poultry houses, which saving in gas consumption. The gas infrared radiator improves production rates and reduces gas costs and guarantees safety and reliability of use. The company supplies a gas infrared radiator 1000/1500 for porcine maternity or weaning applications; and a 5000/10000 version for finishing farms.

Drying agent launched based on wood-based fibre

Austria-based company Agromed has recently launched a new drying agent for piglets, based on lignocellulose, a wood-based fibre. This is to help piglets get dry quickly after birth which allows them to use all their energy to seek colostrum. The product, called DryCell, provides an efficient combination of high drying capacity and a large number of piglets per weight of material.

Yeast product with high resistance

French-based yeast producer Phileo has launched Actisaf Sc 47 HR+. The product provides resistance to major physical stress factors which yeast probiotics encounter during a modern pelleting process. That includes compression; friction; heat and humidity; and compatibility with acids in the feed formula. The product is a concentrate of live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae processed in a micro spherule form.

New type of feed technology

Canadian Bio-Systems has introduced a new category of feed technology. The ‘Yeast Bioactives’ technology is a yeast-based innovation designed for use as a feed supplement in diets for e.g. swine. It fits as an enhanced yeast and grain management option with advantages for all types of production systems, including those targeting reduction or replacement of antimicrobial use. It has been available in Canada as of December 1.

Sow product for better colostrum impact

British agri-technology company Devenish has launched ColfaPig, a mix of encapsulated short and medium chain fatty acids, that has shown benefits on colostrum quality in sows and piglet performance. According to research, the product delivers a 500 g increase in piglet weaning weight, stretching to 800 g by 10 weeks of age. This extra weight has led to an increase in piglet viability of 5%, or half a pig per sow.

Smithfield Foods: New distribution centre

Smithfield Foods has opened a new distribution centre in Tar Heel, NC, United States. Smithfield invested more than $ 100 million into the over 46,000 m2 facility and its blast cell cold storage capabilities at its processing facility. The facility will be fully operational by January 2019. The new facility features nearly 50,000 pallet positions and has an annual capacity of more than 450,000 tonnes.

Photo: Smithfield

Photo: Smithfield

De Heus starts building research centre

Animal nutrition company De Heus has commenced to construct a new centre for practical research to swine nutrition. The facility, which will be called ‘De Elsenpas’, is planned to open its doors in April 2019. At the research centre, feed trials will be carried out, aimed at day-to-day practical conditions at farm level. With building the centre, De Heus aims to contribute developing ideas of sustainable pig production and realising a circular economy.

Photo: De Heus

Photo: De Heus

Phodé teams up with LinkAsia Partners

Phodé, a French company active in the field of functional and sensory feed supplements, has appointed LinkAsia Partners as its strategic partner for its range of neuro-sensory and physio animal care products in Asia Pacific. Under the agreement, LinkAsia Partners will provide marketing and commercial support to drive the business development of the Phodé animal care products.

Strategic cooperation between Evonik and Vland

In November, Evonik and Vland signed a memorandum of understanding for a strategic cooperation. Both companies want to cooperate in the field of probiotics for animal nutrition and in the field of enzymes for industrial applications. In the cooperation the partners will exchange know-how, develop new products and improve process technology. Vland, based in Qingdao, China, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on enzymes, probiotics and animal health.

Neovia acquires Biomix in Colombia

Neovia has become a majority shareholder of Biomix, the 3rd largest player in the Colombian premix market. The acquisition allows Neovia to gain a good market position in Latin America’s 4th-largest economy. Neovia will deploy its brand of premix and services, Wisium, complimenting Biomix’s current portfolio. Founded in 1999, Biomix is mainly active in poultry; but also offers solutions for e.g. swine. The company employs nearly 80 people.

Joint venture Swinco and Zarkos-Smith

Netherlands-based animal nutrition company Swinco and UK-based pig nutrition company Zarkos-Smith, have strengthened their cooperation and have entered into a joint venture. The companies have been working together since 2009, which resulted in growth both in the UK and internationally. Zarkos-Smith continues to operate under the current name and occupation in the United Kingdom, with Swinco’s Daan Somers strengthening the British team.

DanBred establishes subsidiary in Spain

Danish breeding company DanBred has established a subsidiary company in Spain. That will guarantee a continuous supply of breeding animals and genetics to the Spanish market. CEO of the Spanish subsidiary company will be Xavi Villarroya; the subsidiary’s activities will include sale of breeding animals, primarily from breeders and multipliers in Denmark, as well as a substantial number of customers with their own On Farm Replacement Agreements.

Olmix held Breizh Algae Tour in Germany

Algae specialist Olmix chose to organise a Breizh Algae Tour around EuroTier this year and held its annual symposium in Berlin, Germany, November 11-14. In total, the company hosted an event for 400 customers and partners from 51 countries. Speakers included e.g. Hervé Balusson, Marc Le Mercier, Henk Westerhof, Dr Ho Hoang Dung and Wagner Macedo. The group also visited Gollwitzer Agrar and of course EuroTier in Hanover.

Photo: Olmix

Photo: Olmix

At the event, the company launched the animal nutrition product Algimun, as an alternative to antibiotics for weaner pigs. About the strategy, revolving around algae extracts, this background feature was published in Pig Progress.

Magapor: First technology meeting in US

Spanish swine insemination technology specialist Magapor and MB Swine have hosted and sponsored their 1st meeting in the USA on the theme ‘Latest advances and innovations in swine reproduction’. The event was held on December 3-4 in Bloomington, MN, United States. The meeting agenda allowed discussion on topics relevant to insemination, with researchers such as Kara Stewart and Darwin Reicks. A 2019 edition is already planned.

Photo: Magapor

Photo: Magapor

Novus: European roundtable on hyperprolific sows

Animal nutrition company Novus hosted a European Swine Nutrition Roundtable in Barcelona, Spain, November, 27-28. The event brought together European pig industry’s leading experts to share knowledge. The roundtable gathered 28 participants from Europe to discuss the challenges and tendencies on nutrition and management of sows and piglets. Presenters included Antonio Palomo Yagüe, Simon Tibble and Joan Sanmartín.

Delacon awarded with the SME Star Award 2018

Phytogenics company Delacon has received the SME Star Award. This is an award, handed out to small and medium-sized enterprises. The company even received 2 prizes: CEO Markus Dedl and Theresia Grossschartner, worker’s council lead, were proud to receive the SME Agriculture Award as well as the overall award, the SME Star Award 2018.

Photo: Delacon

Photo: Delacon

Nutriad tests European wheat for mycotoxins

Feed additive company Nutriad launched new data with regard to mycotoxin contamination. The company revealed that in 2018, wheat in Poland, the UK and Ireland could be considered of good quality in that respect. French wheat however was of medium quality. The company’s 2018 mycotoxin survey looked at the incidence of aflatoxin B1, zearalenone, deoxynivalenol, T-2 toxin/HT-2 toxin, fumonisin B1 (FB1), fumonisin B2 (FB2) and ochratoxin A (OTA).

Pork processor Vion modifies delivery module

Meat processor Vion has modified part of its delivery module, which is part of its Good Farming Balance supply chain concept. The modification has been the result of the big success of the company’s recently launched ‘Robusto’ premium ham line, introduced in Italy and Spain during 2017 and 2018. Vion realised that, in order to increase the supply of heavier pigs with a thicker layer of fat, modifications to part of its delivery module were needed.

Photo: Vion

Photo: Vion

CP Vietnam celebrates 25 years of its operation

CP Vietnam celebrated the 25th anniversary of its operation in Vietnam. It was recognised by the Vietnamese government as it is the first-ever Thai company to receive Order of Labour, the 3rd class Award. In 1993, CP Vietnam was established as a food conglomerate, covering both livestock and aquaculture businesses. Nowadays, it has more than 20,000 employees. Over 98% of the staff, including high-level managements, are Vietnamese.

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