Worldwide call for better prices for pig meat

25-09-2007 | |
Worldwide call for better prices for pig meat

Retail companies and pork consumers ought to be paying higher prices for pigmeat. Producers’ organisations worldwide have emphasised this.

The cry for help was sent out at last week’s World Pork Conference in Nanjing, China. Initiated by the Dutch trade union for pig producers (NVV), it was supported by organisations from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Sweden and UK.

The organisations launched a plea for cooperation between producers, consumers and retailers to rise the prices for pigmeat. That way, production can be maintained and also retail trade prices don’t need to rise very strongly.

This way all parties involved would be happy, consumers can still buy pork for reasonable prices and retailers can still have satisfied customers.

The producers’ organisations would like to have discussions in their own countries to find out how to improve their situations.

If nothing happens however, the organisations fear a worldwide drop in production of pigmeat, causing retail prices to grow dramatically. In China, this already happened last year.

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