World innovation “Stablemaster” Complete technology for pig breeding

21-10-2010 | |

In time for the EuroTier 2010 the traditional family enterprise Hölscher + Leuschner presents the new especially developed technology “Stablemaster”. This is a modern, user-friendly process management system for pig fattening including slaughter data evaluation as an integrated component of the slaughter management.

During increasing internationalization of the meat market, the economical competitiveness of pig fattening will only be given if resources are used best possible according to optimal pay-out prices. The ideal tool to handle this task is the software “Stablemaster” actually developed by H+L, a centralized data pool for all relevant data concerning pig fattening. By using a professional SQL-data source an integrated component of feeding, ventilation and slaughter data evaluation will be created, this means no detached software. With the installation of a H+L feeding or ventilation mechanism this data source will be created automatically. The program differs between two main categories:
The process management for the optimization of the actual fattening run using data analysis and the slaughter evaluation for the best possible commercialization time and the optimal sales channel.
  • Calculation of all relevant capacity parameters as well as a clear illustration with comprehensive diagrams.
  • Automatic warning limits when leaving the ideal fattening development based on well-proven quality control cards.
  • Summarized and clear illustration with automatic information.
  • Marketing optimization through informative slaughter data analysis including profits and breakeven analysis taking into consideration weight variance and through consequently comparing slaughter masks.
  • Data and performance comparison with parallel working, back-dated or with the best fattening run or runs.
  • Easy data export to Excel by mouse click.
Marc Leuschner, degreed merchant and general manager of H+L: “We are confident that with this software component we are giving the modern agriculturist a successful tool. And as always everything comes from a single source. One thing goes perfectly with the other one!”