Woolworths supports Australian pork labels

08-12-2008 | |

Australian supermarket, Woolworths plans to add the “Australian Grown” logo to all its fresh pork packaged for sale on supermarket shelves.

This logo will start to appear in stores this week, following a similar endorsement of the Australian pork industry by rival supermarket Coles last week.

Distinctive label
Australian Pork Ltd, believes the distinctive label will help Australian consumers to identify and choose Australian Pork. APL says the words “Australian Pork” will also appear on the product bar code label on all fresh pork products.

APL chief executive officer Andrew Spencer said this was definitely a step in the right direction, especially when APL’s consumer research has shown the uncertainty and confusion around the identification and labelling of pork and pork products.
Tough times
Spencer said the impact of record high grain prices, fuelled by drought, coupled with the deluge of highly subsidised imported pork entering the market has made it the toughest times in living memory for our pork farmers.
For those producers left in the industry, he said this “Australian pork” labelling opportunity will enable Australian farmers to connect directly with consumers and allow consumers to make a clear retail decision to support Australian grown.

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