Woman files charges over pig’s weight

31-10-2007 | |

Michelle Schmitz, potbellied pig owner from Winona Minnesota, has announced that she is to files charges against the sitter of her pig Alaina Templeton who allowed her to get fat.

Alaina weighed 50 pounds in February when Schmitz 22 went into sick leave to recover from ankle surgery.

Jeff Mueller, investigator from the Winona County Sheriff’s Department, commented that no charges had as yet been brought against the sitter.

Alaina, according to Schmitz, had been bottle-fed and kept on a diet to remain 50 pounds. The sitter did not return Schmitz’s calls when she returned to pick-up the pig.

Alaina was found with breathing difficulties on Saturday and is now recovering from a neck infection and other wounds.

Schmitz is said to be devastated. “This pig is my life”, she said.

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