Wild boars go shopping in German towns

29-11-2006 | |

Raised by wildlife rangers, a herd of wild boars caused a scene in several villages only miles from the German city of Würzburg.

Police and shopping people alike were startled to see the animals show up in the Veitshöchleim and Margetshöchleim town centres.

One boar is said to have bitten a pedestrian in his thigh, a second allegedly knocked over a female cyclist, injuring her lightly, whilst a third ploughed his way through a clothes collection in a fashion store. It also demolished a garden door, only to be shot by the police in a back yard.


It took the policemen about three hours to get the towns boar-free. Altogether the policemen had to shoot three of the animals. Two others were killed in road accidents. According to one of the rangers, the animals were still young.

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