Wendy’s steps up pig welfare rules

18-07-2007 | |

Fast food chain, Wendy’s International Inc. has recently stepped up its animal welfare guidelines for its preferred venders of pork and chicken.

By strengthening its animal welfare guidelines, Wendy’s aims to demonstrate its “long-term commitment to the principles of humane animal treatment”.
The fast-food chain said it plans to get 20% of its pork from farms that don’t use gestation stalls, or crates that house pregnant sows. Currently, at least 10% of Wendy’s pork products are from hogs not raised in gestation stalls. The goal is to reach 20% by the end of 2008 and continue to increase over time.

And, according to Wendy’s, if vendors don’t follow its guidelines they will be eliminated as preferred suppliers.

“We believe these actions will lead our suppliers and others in the pork and chicken industry to continue to identify improved methods of handling animals prior to processing,” said Tad Wampfler, Wendy’s senior vice president of supply chain management.
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