Vostermans Ventilation: New R&D factory

15-06-2012 | |

Dutch deputy prime minister Maxime Verhagen opened Vostermans’ new research and development factory, in Venlo, the Netherlands. The new facility boasts a high-tech wind tunnel with a range of measuring and control systems to maintain product innovation.

“We are not commodity players, but add value through quality, flexibility and innovative capability,” said Henk Vostermans, CEO of Vostermans Companies.

Henk Vostermans further stated that innovation is of vital importance for the Dutch manufacturing industry. “Operating from a base in the Netherlands is a strategic choice for our company. This means that we must excel in our performance day after day and offer added value. Our aim is not to compete with the low-wage countries, but rather to expand our position on the global market on our own merit. As an example, we have initiated projects designed to match the future demands of our clients by using improved motor technologies. Other approaches include developing aerodynamic fans and intelligent controllers.” 

About Vostermans Companies
Together with Vostermans Alu Foundries, Vostermans Ventilation forms the Vostermans Companies group. Its slogan ‘Shaping the Future’ embodies a policy aimed at the future. Since it was founded by Antoon Vostermans, father of the current CEO Henk Vostermans, in 1952, the main focus of the company has been innovation. As a mould maker, Antoon Vostermans originally started a pattern shop, which was later followed by an aluminium foundry, to be followed later by a factory making fans. That policy was continued by Henk Vostermans, leading to the company’s growth to number 275 employees with a turnover of around 50 million euro.

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