VION supports Article-10 Aujeszky’s status

14-01-2008 | |
VION supports Article-10 Aujeszky’s status

The Netherlands may apply for Article-10 Aujeszky’s status in the near future. Large meat producer Vion is supporting the campaign.

The company has gained commitment from the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture that in the event of an outbreak of the disease, it will take-on full responsibility with a plan of action.

“This signals a coordinated effort,” said Marc van der Lee, director of communications at Vion as stated in Dutch newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad.

At present, the Netherlands has Article-9 status. Should a crisis occur, the Dutch meat sector will experience difficulties with its sales markets such as the US. If the Netherlands has Article-10 status, it can choose between eradication and herd vaccinations.

Chairman of the COV (Central Dutch organisation for the meat sector), Wim van Pelt, believes that the Netherlands can gain Article-10 status by January 1, 2009.

Annechien ten Have of the LTO (Dutch Agricultural Industry Association for entrepreneurs and employers) commented that gaining the status would translate in increased exports of piglets to countries such as Germany, which has the highest status currently. Exports to Germany can only take place after a difficult blood examination.

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