Vion: 1.3 billion for Tönnies in 2007

09-02-2009 | |

The Dutch food company and pig processor Vion made an attempt to purchase the German competitor of Tönnies in October 2007, the German newspaper Westdeutschen Allgemeine Zeitung writes.

The Dutch company hoped to become market leader in Europe by doing so. Allegedly an amount of €1.3 billion was involved in the offer.

Both Vion and Tönnies did not respond to rumours at the time about the take-over attempt.

At the moment, Vion has become market leader in Europe when it comes down to slaughtering numbers. The company slaughters more pigs than the Danish Crown, the previous number 1 in this respect.

The German company slaughters about 11 million pigs annually – about 20% of the German total.

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