Vietnam’s clean pork production pilot

27-06-2008 | |

A pilot project in Vietnam to produce “clean pork by the end of this year” in co-operation with large-scale livestock breeding farms in three regions of the country is to be launched by the Livestock Breeding Department (LBD) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), as part of the agriculture sector’s strategy to develop a stable livestock production industry.

Pig epidemic
The programme was created partly in response to the recent pig epidemic in many of the country’s provinces. In an interview Hoang Kim Giao, head of the LBD, said “The pilot programme would be carried out before the ministry develops a model to be used to increase production of clean pork. If approved, the model will be implemented nationwide next year.

“The pilot programme will cover all aspects of pork production, from the design and construction of breeding facilities, breeding selection process, choosing suitable diets for each growing stage of pigs’ sanitation, environmental hygiene, disease prevention measures and safe environmental measures. In addition the LBD will support the introduction of up-graded slaughtering and processing plants, and foster their use by pig producer co-operatives.”

Consumer benefits
He added that the price of clean pork will not increase since good breeding facilities will increase the rate of weight-gain per animal, thereby creating more products. If successful, the model will bring benefits to both farmers and consumers. Currently there were only a few clean pork producers in the market meeting only 20% of consumer demand.

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