Vietnam struck by meat shortages

12-08-2008 | |

If the animal breeding and feed processing industry do not to solve its current situations soon, Le Ba Lich, chairman of the Vietnam Animal Feed Association has warned, that Vietnam will have to import meat by the end of this year.

Lich stated that many pig farmers, especially in southern provinces, quit the business when feed prices sky rocketed.

Feed prices
Currently, the price of pig feed is VND8,500 ($0.51) per kilogram. To produce one kilogram of pork, 2.6 kilograms of feed are needed, which costs VND22,100 ($1.34).

A kilogram of live pig goes for VND32,000-34,000 ($1.94-$2.06) in the south and VND28,000-30,000 ($1.70-$1.82) in the north.

Breeders can no longer afford to continue
According to Lich, with capital used to purchase breeding animals and animal feed which comes from loans with 20% interest, breeders cannot afford to continue work.

In addition, blue ear disease and bird flu have also played a role in the current meat shortage.

Pork accounts for 80% of the country’s meat consumption, chicken 11%-12%, and beef 3%-4%.

Investments to avoid shortages
To avoid meat shortages and encourage pig farming, Lich said, the association plans to invest in production and imports of raw materials for animal feed production.

The association requested that banks lower interest rates on loans, the Ministry of Finance to eliminate the value added tax (VAT) for raw produce, the Ministry of Industry and Trade to reorganise distribution systems.

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