Vietnam aims for pig/livestock expansion

17-06-2009 | |

By 2020, the Vietnam Livestock Development Strategy aims to increase production of livestock products in the agriculture sector by 42%, according to Nguyen Xuan Duong, deputy director of husbandry, Agriculture and Development Ministry.

By then, targeting exports, the pigs, chicken and dairy cattle populations are expected to increase by 2%, 5% and 11%, respectively, focused on a per capita output of 56 kilos of meat, 140 eggs and more than 110 kilos of milk.

“To achieve these targets, under a master-plan, the sector has to modernise its production methods, shifting from household-based breeding to industrial farms, the construction of slaughterhouses and meat processing plants in tandem with the adoption of commercial livestock farming plus the development of local sources of raw materials for animal feed.”

Vietnam’s poor veterinary system and shortage of technical equipment for preventing and controlling diseases has made livestock output unstable, he said, adding that to help livestock breeders access the latest technology, the ministry and Thailand-based NCC Exhibition Organizer will hold ILDEX Vietnam 2010, March 25-27 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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