Vet services cannot eliminate ASF outbreak near Moscow

17-05-2012 | |

Russian veterinarians have indicated that they are unable to eliminate the infection source for African Swine Fever in the Leninsky district of the Tula region, registered early May.

The management of the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselhoznadhor) of the Tula region, Moscow region and the Moscow city reported this.

On May 14, another outbreak of the dangerous virus was reported, this time in Zaoksky district of Tula region. Local media report that one of the wild boars was found dead in the river, which greatly increases the possibility of contamination of other animals with ASF.

Meanwhile, quarantine has been applied in the region. The region’s governor signed an order according to which the pork in the region can be sold only if it was made in industrial enterprises. Private breeders are now unable to sell their products on the market.

Forest visit ban
In addition, regional authorities imposed a complete ban to people visiting forests. “Wild animals are currently in a state of rest. It is very important that no one should disturb them. In this regard, for the coming weeks restrictions will be applied for forest visits,” said Vladimir Kusin, inspector for the regional committee for hunting and fishing in Lenin and Kireevsky districts of Tula region.

He said that pig farmers and all other members of the public in local villages agree with these measures. In addition, the inspector said that within the monitoring of the situation, wild boars may be selectively shot. The shooting will begin start from the edges of the region towards the centre of the region.

Kuzin added that on June 5, when the quarantine will be lifted, the results of the monitoring can be discussed.

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