Vans for improved pork transport hygiene

31-07-2009 | |

Vietnam’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development may propose to the Ha Noi People’s Committee that it encourage poultry, beef and pork traders to transport meat more hygienically by supplying them with vans.

Nguyen Huy Dang, the department’s deputy director, said numerous firms were failing to obey regulations regarding the hygienic transport of poultry, pork and other meat simply because they lacked the funds to buy vans themselves. Instead, he said they were resorting to using bicycles and motorbikes. Many do not cover the meat properly.

Covered boxes

Decision 61 of the Ha Noi People’s Committee states that meat must be transported in covered boxes. Nguyen Hong Bao, deputy head of Ha Noi’s Market Watch Department, said the committee delivered 50 free boxes to livestock and poultry traders at Thinh Liet Slaughter House for the safe and hygienic transport of meat. However, he said the boxes were rarely used because they were considered to be too small.

Dang admitted that the boxes supplied could only hold about 40-50 kg of meat, while meat from a single slaughtered pig weighed about 70-80 kg.

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