Vancouver getting ready for IPVS 2010

15-12-2009 | |

With 2010 on the doorstep, the organisation of the IPVS in Vancouver, in July, is gradually taking shape. The abstract submission has now started – and for the first time it’s entirely web-based.

Two weeks ago the IPVS website, opened for abstract submissions and last week it was opened for early bird IPVS Congress registration. At the time of opening for abstract submissions the first ‘call for abstracts’ went out over the website and later via various online media websites as well as pig and pork magazines and by e-mail notification to potential IPVS delegates.

A team of internationally renowned swine experts and researchers has been assembled to review and grade the abstracts. Each abstract will be reviewed by at least three reviewers who report back to the IPVS 2010 Scientific Committee with recommendations on whether it should the paper should be an oral, poster or practitioner’s line presentation.

The Scientific Committee then makes the final decisions on category and what type of presentation the paper will have at IPVS.

Abstract submissions
The abstract submission process seems a bit more challenging when first engaging it. As in the last four IPVS Congresses going back to the 17th IPVS in Ames, Iowa in 2002, it is an online abstract submission process.

For the first time, however, it is entirely web-based. It takes a little more time than the registration process but once one follows the guidelines and all the prompts it ends up being a slick and easy execution. I must admit, however, that when I created and abstract for submission, I was not sure that my tables were done correctly and it was somewhat disheartening when I realised I couldn’t check to see what the final version looked like before hitting the ‘submit for review button’.

So I was left a little in the dark about if I actually did do everything correctly and that it would come out the way I thought I had created it. That notwithstanding, I was assured by the web gurus that everything was in order and would come out just fine.

The registration process is slick and easy to follow. There are multiple screens to go through but overall it can be completed in less than ten minutes. One diversion is registration for the Hog Jog.

The Hog Jog which takes place on Sunday afternoon in Stanley Park prior to the welcome reception is a new innovation for IPVS 2010 in Vancouver. To register, a click on a weblink takes you from the IPVS 2010 website over to a specific section of the website of the Running Room.

That apart, there are screens and screens of tours for accompanying persons during the IPVS and of course these tours are available for all delegates before and after the IPVS. Technical tours highlighted by the West Coast Fish Farm Tour and a parallel series of tours through the Fraser Valley are available after the IPVS is over.

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