USMEF Pork Campaign successful in Japan

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USMEF has been promoting US pork as “Everyday Delicious— Mainichi Oishi,” in Japan, and consumers there evidently agree. US pork is the No. 1 imported pork in Japan, capturing a stellar 44 percent market share, up from 33 percent in 2005 and 38 percent in 2007.

Efforts paying dividends

USMEF efforts, funded by the pork and soybean checkoffs, the USDA and the industry, are paying dividends, and this success is the basis for USMEF-Japan’s new advertising campaign thanking Japanese consumers for selecting US pork products.

On Nov. 1, USMEF-Japan launched the US pork “Erabarete No. 1 — Selected No. 1 (by you)” theme which heralds the fact that Japanese buyers and consumers, realising that the quality and great taste of US pork are as good as domestic product, have been selecting US pork in increasing numbers.

“Since consumers are getting the message that US pork really is ‘everyday delicious,’” said Greg Hanes, USMEF Japan director, “we wanted to take the campaign to the next level, play upon that success and thank Japanese consumers for selecting us.”

Advertising blitz
The new campaign was launched with an advertising blitz on train lines throughout the Kanto area, the largest population centre in Japan. With almost 20,000 posters and more than 10,000 door stickers spread over 24 different train lines, the campaign is expected to generate more than 600 million viewings in a city of 10 million that travels almost exclusively by train. The ads introduce a new No. 1 logo that has a prominent place in national supermarket promotions in November and December.

“Japanese consumers tend to place their trust in what their store features and what others are doing,” said Hanes. “By highlighting the fact that US pork has been selected by their retailer and their peers as the best imported pork in Japan, we generate increased awareness, recognition and differentiation of US pork.”

The campaign also includes consumer cooking events in the major Japanese cities of Hiroshima (1,294,000 households) and Kagoshima (871,000 households) in November. Each event will be announced on local television. Famous chefs will describe the quality and great taste of US pork and cook several recipes.

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