USDA inspector sues Hormel Foods

14-01-2009 | |

A USDA inspector has filed a lawsuit against Hormel Foods and Quality Pork Processors.

The inspector has claimed that he was injured after being in the vicinity of a machine that has been linked to a neurological illness in approximately 18 QPP employees, reports state.

The USDA district office in Minneapolis has stated that plaintiff Dale Kinney is a USDA federal inspector.

Seeking thousands of dollars
Kinney is seeking at least $50,000 in damages for injury after coming in contact with an allegedly defective air compression device used to harvest pig brains on April 20, 2007.

The plaintiff filed the lawsuit in Mower County District Court on three counts of strict liability, negligence and premises liability after he was allegedly “severely injured.”

Workers diagnosed
It has been reported further that were some workers at QPP, Hormel and Indiana Packers, who over the past year made use of the high-pressure air to harvest pig brains or who worked near the head table.

They have been diagnosed with Progressive Inflammatory Neuropathy with symptoms including numbness, pain and trouble walking.

Hormel had no comment available.

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