USA: Swine Nutrition Guide launched this fall

04-06-2009 | |

The National Swine Nutrition Guide, including nutrition fact sheets, diet evaluation software and educational training sessions, will be completed this fall, was revealed at this year’s edition of the World Pork Expo, in Des Moines, Iowa.

The guide – a collaborative project by the US Pork Center of Excellence, several land grant universities and the commercial feed industry and funded by the United Soybean Board – will include 35 fact sheets written collaboratively by university swine nutritionists and industry specialists.

The fact sheets will be available electronically on the Pork Information Gateway (PIG) and in print from the US Pork Center of Excellence, Extension Service and in the Pork Industry Handbook.

Diet formulation and evaluation software is also being developed for inclusion with the guide. The software was developed by Garland Dahlke of Iowa State University.

Duane Reese, extension swine nutritionist from the University of Nebraska, said, “The intent was to develop a very functional and user-friendly tool that producers and extension consultants could use to develop and evaluate diets. This tool uses a feed library with all the current nutrient requirements and bases the diets on the productivity of the herd.”©©

After the guide is complete, members of the steering committee will begin regional training sessions on the use and application of the guide and the software. Training sessions will begin in January and will be held in various cities throughout the USA.

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