US: Sow Lameness Symposium – advancement in causes, implications and prevention

03-09-2010 | |

Swine industry and university experts from around the globe presented the most recent advancements in sow lameness causes, implications and prevention in Minneapolis this week during the Sow Lameness Symposium II hosted by Zinpro Corporation and the Feet First team.

This three-day event featured discussions on leading swine industry topics covering lameness prevalence, risk factors, anatomy and pathology, sow fertility and longevity, economics and possible solutions. More than 125 swine industry experts were in attendance at this global event, which followed a successful event in 2008 – the world’s first sow lameness symposium.
“Lameness is a critical animal welfare issue with significant economic implications for sow herds around the world,” said Dr. Terry Ward, Director of Research and Nutritional Services for Zinpro Corporation. “This symposium is designed to bring together international experts and industry representatives to share information and advance our collective understanding of this important topic.”
The symposium officially kicked off on Aug. 31 with a keynote address by Dr. Roger Campbell, CEO of the Pork Cooperative Research Centre in Australia. During the meeting activities, hands-on clinics were held focusing on lesion pathology, reproduction, economics/Feet First calculator and osteochondrosis. In addition, a series of presentations and discussions were held, including:
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Zinpro’s flagship swine product AvailaSow, from Zinpro Performance Minerals, contains a unique combination of zinc, manganese and copper specifically formulated to help optimize the foot health and reproductive performance of sows.
The Feet First
Launched four years ago and spearheaded by Zinpro, the Feet First team is composed of a select group of international researchers, veterinarians and nutritionists committed to further advance the swine industry through the identification and prevention of lameness. Zinpro and the Feet First team hosted the world’s first Sow Lameness Symposium in Minneapolis in April 2008.