US Pork industry prepared for NAIS

05-02-2007 | |
US Pork industry prepared for NAIS

Patrick Webb, director of swine health programmes for the National Pork Board in Des Moines, believes that the US pork industry is well prepared for implementing the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

According to Webb, two groups have met to develop standards for pork producers: Pork Industry Identification Working Group and the Swine Identification Implementation Task Force.
The Pork Industry Identification Working Group worked to develop programme standards for swine.
“They’ve developed the standards and should changes need to be made, they will make them,” says Webb.
The Swine Identification Implementation Task Force is charged with putting those standards into place.
“With both groups, we really have a good cross-section of the industry,” he says. “It’s gone very well for our industry.”
Webb believes that the pork industry is in good shape. He also encourages pork producers to register their premises through their state agricultural departments in the near future.
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