US pork industry heading for record

16-08-2006 | |

A record quantity of pork could be exported from the US in 2006. In the first six months of 2006 alone, a total of 1,533 billion pounds were shipped, 2% up from the same period last year.

Ron Plain, a University of Missouri livestock economist, said in a research report this week, it looks like US pork exports are heading for their 15th consecutive record year.
The quantity of pork is more than was exported in any 12-month period prior to 2001, said Plain, quoting USDA data.
Pork is doing very well, since both BSE and AI make both the world beef and world poultry market face troubling times.
Japan was the top foreign buyer of US pork in the first half of 2006; however, it bought less than a year ago. Mexico, Canada, South Korea and Russia were the next topping the list. Of the 202 million pound increase in pork exported this year, 198 million is going to Russia, Mexico and South Korea.
It is thought that the strong exports will result in lower domestic pork consumption, possibly down about half a pound this year in comparison to 2005, Plain said.