US pork industry celebrates national pork month

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The pork industry in the US has kicked off its annual ‘national pork month’. The celebrations are held in the month of October as this was the time of the year when the most hogs were traditionally marketed.

“Taking pride in pork production and helping consumers to take advantage of the value of pork is what October Pork Month is all about,” said Danita Rodibaugh, pork producer from Rensselaer, Indiana, and the president of the National Pork Checkoff Board.

Rodibaugh said she encourages the general public to get to know a pork producer during October Pork Month. “We are vital members of our communities and want others to understand our business.”

As president of the National Pork Board, Rodibaugh said many of the questions she receives about pork production revolve around the subjects of animal welfare and the environment.

In the country’s number one pig state Iowa, pork producers are celebrating national pork month by working to improve consumer acceptance of pork and reminding Iowans of an important 2006 report by the United States Department of Agriculture.

The USDA reported in May of last year that families own or manage 98 percent of the farms in America. The report defined family farm as a proprietorship, partnership or family operation that does not have a hired manager. In Iowa, many of the pork farms are run by third- and fourth-generation families.

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