US plans for turning pig waste into energy

27-09-2006 | |

The idea of turning pig waste into energy is gaining a growing number of supporters in the US. This week officials in Clinton County, Indiana presented a pig manure report.

More than 200 homes could receive power from pig manure from area farms, the survey revealed. Altogether eight months of study was spent to the report, delivered to Clinton County commissioners an council members.


In the plans presented, a $5.5 million biorefinery is suggested, converting waste piped in from pig farms into methane gas and carbon dioxide gas. In their turn, the gases can power generators, being capable of sending power to farms and homes.

Planners want the operation to be able to refine daily waste of up to 40,000 animals.
County Councilman Mike Beard, who has a pig farm in the area, said he wanted more details. “I don’t want the county government to finance this,” he said in the newspaper article. “I didn’t hear the economics of the system.”



In Europe, plans like these are already well-knowen. Rising manure pression made pig producers look for inventive solutions of pig waste. Especially in Germany, many of these biogas installations have been installed.