US: One more ranch to phase out sow stalls

26-09-2007 | |

Following big producers like Smithfield and Maple Leaf, Denver-based Maverick Ranch Natural and Organic Meats has announced to phase out sow stalls.

The American company developed a new pig farm protocol that it will use in partnership with several regional farmer co-operation and swine grower groups.

Welfare system
The so-called Welfare Considerate Farming system eliminates gestation and farrowing crates and provides for extra bedding and living space. The protocol also prohibits the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) and pesticides.

Earlier, the company announced to be offering only 100% organic meat and poultry by 2011.

Family-owned business
Providing natural meat products free of antibiotics, steroids and pesticides since 1985, Maverick Ranch Natural Meats is a family-owned business based in Denver, Colorado.

The company provides natural beef, free-range, air-chilled chicken, buffalo, lamb, and pork to approximately 2,000 grocery retailers throughout the USA.

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