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The national pork board is concentrating on nutritional pork meals as part of encouraging consumers to eat pork during this years National pork month.

In celebration of the hard-working producers who help put delicious and affordable pork on America’s plates, the National Pork Board asked three producers to share their own favorite, budget-friendly meals. Greg Kaffenbarger (Clark County, OH), Henry Moore (Clinton, N.C.) and Loren Keppy (Durant, IA) are all proud to be pork producers and come from families that have been involved in pork production and farming for generations.

“Like most families today, we look for ways to save whenever possible,” said Kaffenbarger. “As a producer, I feel good knowing the variety of pork cuts we provide allows folks on a tight budget to feed their families a quality meal without breaking the bank.”

His family’s recipe for Heartland Honey-Mustard Pork Medallions offers a true taste of the heartland, with a honey mustard marinade and corn flakes for a deliciously tasty crunch adults and kids love.

The Moore family’s Comfort Country-Style Ribs is another satisfying comfort dish perfect for chilly fall nights. Both recipes use affordable cuts of pork.

For the Keppy family, providing an affordable product is just one part of the equation. “I get excited to know that the pork from our farm helps nourish many families across this country, including my own,” said Loren Keppy. “I’m proud to be a fourth generation pork producer and provide healthy food that people enjoy and feel good about serving to their loved ones.”

His family’s recipe for American Pride Pork Chops is a healthful meal option since it uses lean chops. While loin chops are one of the six lean pork cuts available, several of the most common cuts of pork are 16 percent leaner than they were nearly 20 years ago – largely because of improved practices by producers committed to creating a healthier product.

The national pork board is encouraging consumers to find pork ideas by visitng their website


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