US hoping to sell pork in Guatemala

27-09-2006 | |

The United States pig industry will be focusing more on Guatemala as the country is supposed to be a good export market for pork products.

For that reason, the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) launches a campaign this week to improve pork’s image in Guatemala.

Lower export duties

The US chose for Guatemala to launch this programme since import duties are lower and local pork production is weaker than in neighbouring countries. Guatemala also has the largest population who can afford to buy imported and higher-end products.
USMEF’s director for Central and South America, Ricardo Vernazza-Paganini, said Guatemala can be considered a growing market for US pork. However, he said, “Before we can encourage Guatemalans to purchase US pork, we must start at a root level by working to change their perception of pork as a fatty or diseased protein choice.”

Radio spots

He added, “The campaign includes additional phases to reach our target audience. One utilises a media communication campaign that includes radio spots and news stories pointing out the advantages of pork, while the other features point-of-sale materials and other resources to encourage consumers to purchase pork.”
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