US hopes to re-start pork exports to Russia

05-03-2010 | |

US pork producers are hoping to resume supplies to Russia in the coming weeks amid the ongoing negotiations between the representatives of the US meat industry and the Russian veterinary authorities.

According to analysts, the ban has significantly affected nearly all major US pork producers, which have already posted substantial losses in Russia. The reason for the introduction of the ban by the Russians was the excessive levels of antibiotics, which is contrary to the Russian food safety legislation.

Closer to a deal
Currently the US and Russia are getting closer to signing an agreement on a new health certificate in the mutual trade of pig meat. The authorities in both countries are also planning to reach an agreement on a new system of approval of the US meat processing plants for export to Russia. This system will be managed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Americans also hope to resume exports from certain plants, which were excluded from the list of exporters,©due to errors in the documentation.

The USDA soon will develop a recommendation on this issue and submit a proposal to the Russian side. (Evegen Vorotnikov)

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ter Beek
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