US consumers have trust in the meat sold

13-05-2008 | |
US consumers have trust in the meat sold

It has been reported that 90% of US consumers trust that the meat sold in their grocery store is safe, according to the Food Marketing Institute’s US Grocery Shopper Trends 2008 report.

However, consumers expressed that they had less trust in the government, as was evident as 79% agree with the statement, “I trust the US Department of Agriculture to ensure that the food I purchase is safe.” The survey also stated that only 76% hold this view about the FDA.

Financial pressure
The report revealed that 71% of US consumers are eating more at home to save on the expense of eating out. Consumers are also buying fewer luxury products (67%), and 60% of consumers are purchasing more store-brand items and 58% are reported to be eating more leftovers.

Nutritional concerns
Consumers who are very concerned about the nutritional content of the food they eat make up 41% of the surveyed group. The main points of interest here is the fat content listed on the Nutrition Facts label, with more than half checking saturated fat, trans fat and total fat. More than four in 10 check the calorie count, look for whole grains and focus on the salt, sugar and cholesterol levels, FMI says.

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