US breakthrough in prevention of PRRS Virus

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MJ Biologics, in conjunction with the University of Minnesota, announces a breakthrough in the control and prevention of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome disease (PRRS), a devastating disease of pigs worldwide.

Research conducted by MJ Biologics and the University has led to the decoding of the PRRS virus and the development of a new inactivated subunit vaccine.

Genetic code
Patent-pending Selectigen MJPRRSâ„¢ technology now offers veterinarians and swine producers a new tool in the ongoing battle against the PRRS virus. By breaking the genetic code of the PRRS virus, MJPRRS technology allows the production of autogenous vaccines that are tailored to each unique swine production system.

This technology utilizes an innovative method of classifying PRRS viruses based on their immunological properties, allowing for the creation of new custom vaccines as a tool against intra-farm mutations. In addition, the enhanced cross-protection capability helps to reduce financial losses from new strains introduced into the farm.

Prevent losses
In pregnant sow control studies conducted by independent veterinarians and the University, the MJPRRS vaccine provided excellent cross protection against heterologous strains of PRRS virus.

“By using the vaccine in herds with a history of PRRS virus, we have been able to prevent prenatal losses while stabilizing the herds and simultaneously protecting the sow population against clinical disease outbreaks from ‘new’ virus strains entering the herd,” said Dr. Paul Armbrecht of Lake City Veterinary Service in Lake City, Iowa.

Many veterinarians and swine producers have already experienced the value of the MJPRRS vaccine. According to Dr. Mark Fitzsimmons, recipient of the 2006 Swine Practitioner of the Year, “MJPRRS technology appears to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in disease control across the swine industry in the last 10 years. Finally we have some light at the end of the tunnel in controlling and preventing this devastating disease.”

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