UPDATED Photo report – SAFEPORK 2011 conference

22-06-2011 | |
UPDATED Photo report – SAFEPORK 2011 conference

The most southern provincial capital of Maastricht in the Netherlands is hosting the 9th SafePork conference, an international conference on the epidemiology and control of biological, chemical and physical hazards in pigs and pork. Pig Progress brings you a photo report covering all the days of the event…

Pork is the most important meat for many consumers in the western world. For example from the 86 kg of meat eaten by Dutch consumers, 42 kg are pork.
One of the main challenges in producing pork is food safety. Although pork has never been safer than it is today, the risk consumers are willing to take is also much lower than in the past.
As a consequence, methods to further increase food safety and communicating safe production systems in a transparent way to consumers are vital.
SafePork tries to contribute to this and over a three day period covers many items such as meat inspection, antimicrobial resistance, salmonella control, risk assessment and detection methods.
PigProgress is a communication partner of SafePork 2011 and the photo report gives an overview of the happening.