Ulster pig farmers press for drop in feed prices

23-10-2008 | |

The Ulster Farmers’ Union is pressing for a drop in pig feed prices. UFU pig producer representatives say a fall in pig feed prices is long overdue, to reflect lower market prices in 2008 in the cereals sector.

UFU Pork and Bacon Chairman Norman Robson said; “Lower grain prices should mean lower feed bills to pig farmers but this has not happened. This is not acceptable and we are calling on the grain trade to pass on this years lower grain costs in the form of lower feed prices to the local pig sector.

“The cost of feed is a crucial issue for pig farmers, more so than most other agricultural commodities in Northern Ireland.  We believe there is the potential to lower feed prices for pig producers and we want this delivered”.

Robson added; “Pig rations include high quantities of cereals, but despite seeing lower prices for wheat and barley, pig feed prices remain static.  In contrast, ruminant feed that generally contains less cereals have reduced in price.  For pig producers to try and reclaim the extensive losses of last winter it is imperative that feed costs reduce in line with the cereals market.”

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