Ukraine banned import of pork from Russia

14-06-2011 | |
Ukraine banned import of pork from Russia

The State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine has banned imports of pork from the Central District of the Russian Federation due to another outbreak of African Swine Fever.

On June 1, more than 120 pigs died at a farm in the town Torzhok, Tver, region in Russia. According to the preliminary diagnosis of veterinarians, the animals died of African Swine Fever.
“Do not import from the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation to Ukraine pig production,” said an official statement. Russian authorities, in turn, assured its trading partners that it will take all necessary measures as soon as possible to eliminate hotbeds of the virus and prevent new outbreaks. 
At all farms of the Central Federal District close management of pigs in private plots and farms is taking place. Elimination of feed that has not undergone thermal treatment is also occurring. It has been recommended that the unauthorised trade of products of animal origin should be prevented.