UK: Vet calls for collaboration in the pig supply chain

31-05-2011 | |

Developing greater collaboration between vets and the broader pig supply chain will be a key focus for Mike Wijnberg, the new president of the UK’s Pig Veterinary Society (PVS).

Mr Wijnberg, who is veterinary manager for BQP, based at Stradbroke in Suffolk, took over the reins from Nigel Woolfenden at the PVS spring conference in Newcastle.
He sees an important role for the veterinary profession in helping the pig industry become more resilient: “I’d like to see closer links being built between vets and other parts of the pig supply chain – with producers in particular, but also with pork processors.
“Through my role as veterinary manager, but also having responsibility in the Tulip pig supply chain, I hope I can bring additional insight to help achieve this.”
The use and control of medicines in food producing animals is another area Mr Wijnberg highlights for focus: “Pig health, welfare and food safety are interlinked and provide challenges for vets both as advisers on individual farms but also collectively in advising the industry.”

Mr Wijnberg was in private practice in South Africa for ten years before coming to the UK fifteen years ago. He joined BQP and has played a part in its growth since. He has been involved with various industry projects and is currently also a member of the Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC).