UK supermarket doubles high welfare pork range

18-09-2008 | |

Sainsbury’s, a leading supermarket chain in the UK, has more than doubled its range of higher-welfare pork, as demand grows for affordable meat raised in better conditions.

The new range of pork is bred outdoors on farms inspected by Freedom Food to strict RSPCA welfare standards and hits Sainsbury’s stores today.

Affordable prices
The range, named ‘Sainsbury’s Freedom Food Endorsed Pork’, has been launched to satisfy the consumer demand for higher-welfare meat at affordable prices. A pack of two pork chops will cost around 14p more than a standard pack.

The new pork range is the third RSPCA Freedom Food range to be launched by Sainsbury’s this year. The pigs are bred outdoors and reared in comfortable, straw-bedded barns where they have more room to roam, forage for food and explore their environment. The retailer also recently doubled its range of higher-welfare chicken, and sales are currently up 156% year-on-year despite the credit crunch.

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