UK sausage brand launches fair trade

06-11-2007 | |

Last weekend, a leading UK regional sausage producer, Debbie & Andrew’s announced that it will pay 15% above the industry average for pork to support farmers and processors during the current crisis.

The company, based in Yorkshire, estimates that if all sausage producers would do the same, the British meat industry would receive a welcome ₤20m (€28m) boost.

Higher industry price
Andrew and Debbie Keeble, the couple behind the range, are calling for a higher average industry price for pork. According to Andrew, the British Pig Executive (BPEX), does a good job, but the entire industry should make an concerted effort to inform the public about the benefits of buying British meat.

He added, “the UK pig industry is currently going through a major crisis and if it gets any smaller will be viable. It is worth preserving and all efforts should be diverted into saving it”.

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