UK: “Proper cooking will kill MRSA”

28-06-2007 | |

A new strain of MRSA that has developed amongst intensively farmed pigs, chickens and other livestock, especially in the Netherlands, can be destroyed when the meat is proper cooked. That’s the message that the Food Standards Agency in the UK wants to spread to worried consumers.

“The Agency is aware of this MRSA issue and we are keeping a watching brief on developments across Europe,” said Paul Cook of the Food Standards Agency Microbiological Safety Division. “However, this is already being considered jointly by a number of Government agencies.

“We have only just received the report from the Soil Association, which we will examine in detail.” Any possible emerging risk in the UK will be assessed, and appropriate action will be taken.

The agency’s advice on avoiding food poisoning bacteria applies equally to any strain of MRSA, it stressed.

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