UK pig slaughtering 2% down in March

07-05-2008 | |

British pork production is still under heavy pressure, as can be seen in the rising number of boar and sow slaughterings. Total number of pigs slaughtered in the UK is on the decline, Dutch agricultural newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad reports.

The British Department for Environment, Forestry and Rural Affairs (Defra) reported that in March, the number of pigs slaughtered was 698,000, about 2% lower than one year ago.

Quarterly results
In the first three months, the total number of pigs slaughtered was 2.3 million, a touch more than one year earlier, when numbers added up to 2.2 million.

The higher production in the first quarter, however, is a result of higher production in the months of January and February. In January, number of slaughterings was 6% higher, in February 2%.

The number of sows and boars being slaughtered has increased in the last couple of months. In January they grew by 46% to 28,000, in February, again a rise in comparison to 2007 by 40% to 23,000 and March saw a growth of 18% to 21,000 animals.

Total pigmeat production in the first quarter ended up higher. Total bacon production was lower, it decreased to 41,000 tonnes.

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