UK minister lobbies against IPPC Changes

05-03-2009 | |

The UK’s Defra farming and environment minister Jane Kennedy is visiting the European Parliament in Brussels with the NFU and the NPA to lobby MEPs ahead of a critical vote on the Integrated Pollution Prevention Controls Directive.

Kennedy, with NFU Deputy President Meurig Raymond and NPA chairman Stewart Houston is lobbying against changes in the directive which are feared to impact on more pig and poultry farms, farms with feed mills as well as the glasshouse sector. Existing IPPC pig and poultry farmers will also be burdened with further controls and more administrative red tape.

“The support of the minister in our joint lobby is extremely welcome and adds significant weight to our calls to MEPs to vote against extension in scope of the IPPC Directive,” said Raymond.

“The effects of the changes could be very serious, adding significant costs and burdens to smaller units, and we are seriously questioning whether the original intention of the directive was to bring in these smaller pig farms, more free-range poultry units, seasonal turkey production or protected crop production under glass.”

English pig farms
According to the NFU there are 179 English pig farms under current IPPC controls, but the revised rules would push that total up to 300.

“The EU’s proposals to extend the remit of the IPPC will unfortunately do more harm than good. I am pleased that industry leaders have joined me in coming to Brussels to lobby MEPs on the UK position. It will help them understand why we oppose aspects of the extension of the IPPC directiveā€¯ stated Kennedy.

“Pig and poultry producers in the UK are already adhering to tough environmental standards and are an example to the rest of Europe of how the industry can minimise its environmental impact.”

MEPs will vote on IPPC proposals on March 12

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